Wednesday, 13 June 2012

method learning, Hazel and the the Spanish Inquisition,

So the year slowly passes and school is getting into that time of year when everyone is panicking about exams, I never panic about exams because I studiously revise and remember everything. No, that’s not quite true, the dog studiously revises and I use mums spy communicating devices to communicate with the dog who tells me all the answers, this is called method learning or as the headmaster likes to call it cheating…. It is not entirely cheating because the dog does do some swotting for the exams.

Anyway school is getting quieter and so I will expand on my next little project to make a huge canopy that a large number of people can sit under and party. Ideally I would love to build this in bamboo but you just can’t get decent bamboo in the UK, not the thirty foot long and four inch in diameter stuff. It has always puzzled me why that will not grow over here because most of the other bamboo types seem too.

Luckily we have something that sort of works. although not as well, and that is hazel, no not hazel from school because she is structurally unsound. By that I mean she will move about so trying to make a building out of her is near on impossible. We are talking Hazel as in the shrub tree thing, it is a classic old world building material and going back a few thousand years the Brits would make houses out of hazel covered in a mix of mud, dung and straw. I have no plans to do that I will use canvas. It will then be lit with a million fairy lights and some seating. There was a time I would make seating, but I have been banned now after the last garden bench which mum and dad said reminded them of the Spanish Inquisition. It was made out of hazel which is interesting because Hazel at school is doing a project on the Spanish Inquisition, nobody expected her project to be the  Spanish Inquisition there was certainly an element of surprise involved……….. Hang on that has a familiar sort of ring to it

OK I’m away

Ooooooooo I should just say what a lovely warm sunny day today so please note BBC weatherman NO NOT RAIN, 



  1. Hazel is structurally unsound, nice one.

    1. Thank you sometimes these things just appear as I type, this is definitely one of those. It never entered my mind until it was written, cool things brains although I don't understand how they work......

  2. Neither did I expect the Spanish Inquisition.

    1. No one expects the Spanish Inquisition.

  3. Replies
    1. Ah yes I understand that shorthand

      Hazel Must Go