Monday, 5 September 2011

Start of the difficult book two the sequel

So it’s the day after the book before and here I am again. I know it’s a bit of a shook for us all but I have entered the twilight time where I may or may not be published as hopefully we will move and start a whole new adventure although many of the things that are familiar to all are quite close to our new location if all goes well.

The Ghost Writer has said O GOD NO NOT ANOTHER BOOK ………… BAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaHHHHHHH but I know he does not mean it and is only saying that because he spent the day in the grey office with computers and people who have been saying it doesn’t work and my pet lizard has got stuck in the DVD drive again and oooo look a spider I don’t like spiders. And various stuff like that the Ghost Writer does say they are not very good at IT in the grey office and the office is still grey.

It has been the first day at school, a very traumatic event for all those going to our school for the first time. One of the older Prefects told a group of them our school is like that Hogworts school and that they had to run through the middle pillar of the bus stop and then we all catch the Monty Bus on the A8½ bypass. After several attempts the new pupils did realize that all they had to do was stand and wait and the buss would turn up. But several of them had headaches then and we a bit dazed so got lost in the apparent maze of corridors  in school all day.

It’s a funny thing that when you first go to a new school it has corridors everywhere and you wander about lost and confused for days (I DID) then after a while you realize there are only two corridors and you can’t understand where all the bits are that you used to get lost in.  The dog says it’s called New Building Maze Effect and everyone suffers from it at some point. In the old days Castles were made specifically to confuse the marauding masses if they tried to invade the aristocracy.  So when the concept of a school was first muted it was thought it was best to think of the 600 school children as a monstrous marauding mass and assume they might invade the teacher’s rest room.

The English teacher said we should write an essay on what we did over the summer holidays and everyone  of us thought hang on I cant remember. In the end I wrote UGGGGGH WOODLICE as I distinctly remember seeing a wood lice, in fact I am sure it was two or three, I even checked with mum on my return home but she said IDIOT. I dog recons dog two is going to be rubbish as well..... 

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