Monday, 12 September 2011

A Radiogram. The Anti Pylon Movement of Montgomeryshire The Mona Lisa and the British-Russian trade deal

Well after a very long day at the grey office the ghost writer has called in to see us and has had a grumble and said PHEW, a lot. We tried to get rid of him but it took ages and all it does is mess up our entire day’s diary entry. In fact I cant remember what I did at school anymore, although I do remember there was a big flash………… I will have a think.

............................................................................a bit later after thinking

AH yes the flash I remember it was the art lesson. It was Rob not me but the other one. I have nothing against him except he is called Rob and it could have messed up my entire story. But he decided that he wishes to be a performance artist so for his fist act of art he decided to fly over the school in a giant air balloon in the shape of the Mona Lisa that glowed and breathed fire out of the Mona Lisa’s nostrils. He had built it as his art project for A level. The art teacher was desperate to stop him trying this stunt today because of the gale force winds but give Rob his due he insisted. After all despite the wind it was very sunny.

All went well at first it was very impressive but once the Mona Lisa was clear of the school and the tall trees the wind took the balloon straight into the path of an electricity Pylon and in a huge flash of light both Mona Lisa and the other Rod vanished. His mum who had turned up to see him was very sad but she did said he was an IDIOT.

Still it does mean we only have one Rob in the story and its Me YYyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaa mum just said IDIOT, that’s my mum not the other mum of the other Rob.  

The anti pylon movement of Montgomeryshire are planning to use the incident as an example of why Scottish Power should be stopped from building huge pylons across the countryside but as the dog points out it is not often that a huge Mona Lisa is going to float gently across the Montgomeryshire countryside and hit pylons. Or like today float very fast across the Montgomeryshire countryside, how come our electricity is Scottish when we live in Wales?

While on the subject of morality, big business, ethics and principle and stuff like that. I noticed out great leader the Prime Minister signed a trade deal worth millions of pounds today with Russia, and as both parties pointed out. You can’t allow differences in morality, ethics, principles, justice, and human rights and stuff like that get in the way of a good business deal. Mercedes (my Friend not the car would be very proud of me). She apparently through her wireless through the window, My Pickup has told her he plans to buy her a radiogram instead because its heavier, WELL COOL.

It might sound mad but has this happened before in book one, I be dammed if I can remember but it sounds like it might of. 

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