Wednesday, 28 September 2011

The Empire State Building, growing Potatoes and Steam Powered Armadillos

Mum and dad received loads of paperwork about the house move this morning. I have had a look at it but it all appears to be in legal talk,  Even the dog says legal talk is strange and the odd word moved about a bit can mean you end up buying The Empire State Building instead of a bungalow in the country with loads a apple trees and other stuff. The plan is to be more self sufficient and grow chip butties.

Anyway everyone has had a look at the paper work and gone AH ….. ?????????????? … mmmmmm its ?????? Well everyone except Captain Flint the Parrot who thinks the plans are a treasure map and all the words are in code. Well he is half right as the words are in code. Captain Flint is also convinced we are now buying The Empire State Building, but I have to clean the upstairs windows so that’s not good and I have been told they don’t grow Potatoes in The Empire State Building and that’s not good either.

Sorry I got distracted again. Today in School we discussed the thermal dynamic properties of different materials and we all had to take a material to school to do testing and stuff. Dad very kindly gave me one of his Steam Powered Armadillos, he said he though it very unlikely anyone else would take an Armadillo and he was right. The teacher was a little surprised as he said it was not entirely what he had in mind and the Steam powered Armadillo did fight with the   Dynamic Mechanical Spectroscopy and drank the teacher’s cup of tea. Then the teacher said Esmeralda you need to consider the Phenomenological Aspect of your material and undertake a creep test and measure the time dependent strain  ….. (t) = δ(t)/L. Well she got the wrong end of the stick altogether so now the school will need yet another temporary physics teacher. I really must try and get my poker back from her (the one I made in metalwork).

I am sure that some of you will realize things are in a state (not the Empire State) of limbo a present (and not the dance); and that the possible impending move is making things slow up due to uncertainty of timescales. Which have been made even worse by the fact that we now have particles that move faster than light? That one fact alone means you may as well throw your watches away and use a sun dial. (Or will it mean a sun dial will now run fast bother). And moving in England and Wales using a sun dial is fraught with logistical problems and men scratching their heads and pointing at sofas. 

Still, we are still scratching our own heads at present at paperwork and going AH ….. ?????????????? … mmmmmm its ?????? and putting things in boxes. Which as we all know are of intense interest to cats?

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  1. Rob Z, most of the time you have me scratching my head in confusion but I do so love your tales.

    When the book finally comes out, I will definitely be purchasing a long as it's under a fiver. Well we are in a recession.