Thursday, 28 July 2011

Tunnels. Dust. HTML and Mr Steven Spielberg's ghost

Sorry yesterday was all a bit short and to the point (I have never worked out exactly what the short pointy thing actually is), everything was a bit manic, and in the rush I even forgot my guitar lead so last night although I had an Amp and a guitar I was unable to make lots of noise. Everyone said IDIOT; still I got to drum loads and made a lot of noise with that.

I was going to contact Jim and Mercedes to see when they are planning to turn up. I know it is very soon. But my network connection was not set up so the ghost Writer had a little go at fixing things only he threw a large IT manual at the wall in a strop and said that’s all rubbish. I think he was referring to the manual not the wall although the book did dislodge a brick, which I discovered had a secret tunnel behind it. The dog and Rusty the Robot dog and Pirate Pete said they love secret tunnels behind walls so we all had to go exploring. The Ghost writer was complaining he was due in Brecon soon.

We walked through all these dark low tunnels with cobwebs and pointy metal spikes in the ceiling and shackles and chains on the wall and old sea chests full of skulls and gold and things. In the end we came up against a bricked up door, the dog did offer to do Invisible Chinese Walking through the wall but me Rusty and Pirate Pete thought we would just hit the bricks with a large axe we found. Well there was no deigning we were all very surprised at what we saw once the dust settled down, because we had broken through into the hallway by the front door and mum was there and she said IDIOTS.

Apparently according to dad it was the old stairwell to the original house but is was a very indirect route so got bricked up years ago. Mum made us all rebuild the wall and clear all the dust up, including the Ghost Writer because it was his fault throwing large HTML books about in the first place which caused all the dust. The Ghost Writer said NOT FAIR and he never fixed my network or the one in Brecon so he will be shouted at now.................  Have I done all this before, I cant remember?

Finally Shakespeare, the bloke who wrote stuff (I don’t think that very nice Mr Steven Spielberg has made the movie yet) is up at the castle tonight doing a play. I can only assume it is the ghost of Shakespeare who must be a friend of the ghost of Steven Spielberg who lives in the wood. Unfortunately it is raining so I hope everyone has a brolly.    

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