Wednesday, 20 July 2011

The return home and the grumpy Ghost Writer

We headed home about mid-day and when we got home, mum said we have in fact been on trip that had never happened for security reasons. I know that’s not true because we have a pumpkin in the back of the car that is full of bullet holes. Mum is planning to make pumpkin pie for pudding tomorrow although dad said we may need to eat the pie with caution as it may have the odd bullet in it still.

Now some of you will not get to read the missing days because I can not put them on the social network site retrospectively so I will add them to the Blog instead although it may be a case of buying the best selling novel at some point in the future to understand what went on. All I know is we have shot a pumpkin attached to a Sky satellite dish and chatted to an Australian.  And walked through a strange labyrinth of corridors with people selling Christmas cards kiss me quick hats and sparkly stuff.

If by any chance you are reading this in the best selling novel, I am happy to sign it for you anytime you are passing my large mansion in the country with the huge electric fence round it, mum just said IDIOT.
At home Heavy Harry the cat was sleeping and Pirate Pete was making some sort of strange steam driven noisy thing in dad’s workshop. I don’t know what that is either yet but dad has run off to look at it and play. It is a long drive from the north so we are all planning to chill tonight.  The only person not very happy is the ghost writer who should be on holiday this week and has been informed that everything at his grey office has gone pear shaped so he has to go to see them tomorrow to save the day (like the cavalry use to in westerns in the old days). He said he will get Sooty the Cat from the cattery for us. That will please Heavy Harry the Cat who apparently had a party on the first night alone because he thought Sooty had run away.  

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