Wednesday, 25 May 2011

The noisy cat, the tunnel and a curry in Bangalore

Sooty the Cat is driving everyone mad which is quite an achievement considering he has only been in the house for one day. But he is very noisy and spent the whole day meowing and meowing when I got back from school everyone had ear plugs in and was hiding. No one wants to be nasty to Sooty because he has had a tough life, well no one except Heavy Harry that is.

The dog has asked dad to help him build an automated microprocessor controlled steam powered dog so at least he feels a little less outnumbered. I think the fact that Mr Jenkins cat Fluffy has been trying to sing that song tip toe through the tulips up in the big tree again has not helped.  Anyway the dog wants the robot dog to be able to do Mathematics and Latin so when he talks to it; it does not just go WOOF and wag its tail and roll over on its back with its tongue hanging out. The dog just hates it when he meets other dogs and they go WOOF and try and stick their noses in his bum, it’s one of the reasons why the dog learnt marshal arts so all the local dogs now go WHIMPER WHIMPER and run away or hide under manhole covers until he passes. Pirate Pete is quite excited and says he can take it for walks because if the robot dog has steam powered bionic legs too they will both be able to run at fifty miles an hour. Playing stick in the park will be interesting at that speed for the other dog owners.

Class 7G are still making their tunnel but have been running into a logistical problem with soil, its amassing just how much soil can come out of a three quarter of a mile long tunnel with smaller air recycling support tunnels and passing chambers. They have been leaving soil on the school busses at night but the bus company has made a formal complaint to the headmaster saying it has now got a fifteen foot high pile of soil at the bus depot and have told him to take it back. The headmaster is concerned about the origin of the soil but the pupils have all said it’s the class rooms they are very muddy after the winter rain. The geography teacher tried to explain to the headmaster it was to do with continental drift and that part of the continent is drifting into the class rooms but the headmaster said he was talking nonsense and called him an IDIOT.

Tonight is a good night we are off out for a meal with friends to have a curry in the back streets of Bangalore, using the Einstein Cube to leap across the world. The Einstein cube is ideal for things like this but because the CIA, FBI, MI6 etc are still after it mum and dad say its best not to mention it in my diary so…….AH I have done it again. Mum has just said IDIOT now. Pirate Pete says he would rather go to Bangalore by pirate ship but as we have all pointed out that will take several months and his curry will have gone cold and poppadoms soft.  Pirate Pete is how shouting SOFT POPPADOMS HAR HAR HAR ……. HAR HAR WHATS A POPPADOM. Mum said IDIOT again.

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