Thursday, 26 May 2011

The Ghost Writer. The Pylon Protest. And the exhibition of etchings and yes sorry but that tunnel again.

The ghost writer who has to go to the grey office once a week is not very happy because it’s a grey day and raining loads. Rather typical for Mid-Wales. We have sent him off to do stuff to stop him grumbling well not really stop him but we cant hear him anymore that’s good. He said he is going to do things with an old PC running Linux and recons he will be able to take over the world. They all say that.

Last nights meal was very nice they make really good curry in Bangalore. Our friends that we had our meal with had been on the anti pylon march in Cardiff but the problem with the protest march apparently was everyone was very polite and nice and cleared up all the rubbish and placards. In fact they made such a good job of clearing up that the Welsh Assembly Government or as dad calls them (******* ****** ******) have asked the protesters to march again in a months time.

Class 7G continue to build their tunnel towards the Fish and Chip shop despite technical problems with  the satellite navigation system out of Bens dads car which tried to send the tunnel up into the cannel. Luckily a Dutch lad on an international school exchange stuck his arm in the hole to stop the water and repairs were made. The Dutch exchange students are helping because they think the fish will be served up raw in the Fish and Chip shop (YUK), I don’t think they understand batter and deep fried yet.

Mum has been hanging an exhibition of Etchings and Drawing in Napoleon Beelzebub’s Very Strange Victorian Curiosity Shop in the exhibition space for the preview tomorrow night. It is a particularly difficult exhibition to hang as mum says an exhibition needs to be aesthetically and artistically correct and is not just a case of sticking pictures in a row on the wall, That’s why am not allowed to help anymore. Anyway it took a while to finish so I am running a bit late with the diary as I was with Mr Beelzebub discussing life the universe and everything. Mum said I am not to write that again and has told me before at least forty two times now.

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