Thursday, 5 May 2011

The fun fair and the rivers of molten rock

Thursday morning on fair day with an election polling station by it, and the school bus trying to get all the pupils while the bin truck reverses up the road because all the cars that are normally parked in the main square are all parked along both sides of the road. And behind the bin truck are the two recycling trucks. There were also loads of cars and little old ladies trying to get to the polling station to vote. The cars don’t vote by the way.

It was all very interesting and it was predictably chaotic but the strange thing was the fair was  set up in the main square and there was nobody there. I think because it is almost impossible for anyone to have got in the main square this morning and all the fair folk (not as in those with blonde hair) were sleeping after setting up the fair last night after they had scared all the motorists away. I will not be going to the fair this year it is not like it used to be and it costs loads for what is a ten second ride on a not very exciting thing.  Pirate Pete said he will go because he wants candy floss and is planning to win goldfish by hooking the duck only he said he might just threaten the stall holder with his cutlass and save all the goldfish. He was planning to save all the ducks too but we have explained they are not real ducks because it would be much more fun then. One bad thing about the fair is they are still playing very bad eighties pop very loudly, it really annoys dad he thinks they have chosen the music on purpose just to annoy him. Pirate Pete said he hasn’t heard any eighties music as he was at sea for the whole of the 1780’s and the 1880’s and even the 1980’s, that seems a  long time but then he is a pirate.

I noticed when I got home from school there were a few more things set up in the square than this morning but they are mainly for very small children. Although they did have a climbing wall but it has hand holds all over it so it is far too easy and I can climb the North face of Mr Jenkins house for free, I just get shouted at a bit by Mr and Mrs Jenkins

Bacon, Pancake and Maple syrup sandwiches for lunch at school today YUMMY. By the way I forgot to mention that Napoleon Beelzebub’s Very Strange Victorian Curiosity Shop has been closed for two days now. Mum said one of people due to go to the lowest floor of his cellar has turned up unexpectedly and he is filling in paperwork with him who must be obeyed and showing the person around all the nasty bits. Well it will take Mr Beelzebub’s mind off the fun fair so there will be no thunderbolts or rivers of molten rock this year so definitely not as exciting and another good reason not to go.

With all the talk of Bin Laden over the last few days it seems rather ironic to see a Laden Bin truck this morning.

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