Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Dogs, Bones, Football and a goal

 Mum and dad had a visitor today who had a little dog. It was a friendly little dog and was wagging its tail all the time. Heavy Harry the Cat had been fast too sleep but was not happy when he woke up to have a bite to eat only too find a little dog wagging its tail at him. Heavy Harry has decided this is his space now so little dogs wagging tails are not allowed.

Heavy Harry did his grumpy look and stared at the little dog the whole time until the dog left even then he followed it outside and jumped on mum and dads friends car just to make sure it was not likely to stay. I think the little dog was oblivious of the cat’s distain because it was still wagging its tail and being happy. Our dog said afterwards silly little dog for too optimistic it will soon learn that not all bones are buried 5 paces to the left of the cherry tree marked with a rock resembling a skull. He then ran out saying something about letting the cat out of the bag. I was well confused because the cat was not in a bag, anyway the next thing was the dog is back covered in soil and bits of shrub going PHEW.  Well he went PHEW but mum then said something about They better not be in the rose bed again and the dog vanished.  The dog is mad sometimes?

We played the interschool five a side football competition today our team go to the final it was very exciting. The other team in the final were very kind; they said we could have ten players as they were all six foot eight inches tall and eighteen stone. They still beat us 43-1. I scored our goal but I was watching from the audience and just sort of kicked it in passing. But the ref said what the hell it’s a goal, the other team were not very happy though as it was the first goal anyone has scored against the team in fifteen years. Apparently the centre forward cost the school two million pound and is expected to do quite well in woodwork.

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