Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Djembe and the fun fair

It is the night of the African Drums tonight. It doesn’t happen very often these days but there is a sort of reunion thing going on so I am off to have a good time. So for now I will keep this very short. It is also the fun fair in the main square tomorrow and the fair vehicles are all converging on the town square as type so it will be somewhat chaotic now for a few hours while the fair people scare all the motorists off.

Anyway I must have a quick bite to eat and take my djembe and go off into the night. The dog won’t come with me and says South American drumming is much better. See You all later

........... A BIT LATER..............

I have returned, having had a really good time drumming but am well tired now. And tomorrow is one of the days when being in our little town is not good. What with the fun fair and it also being voting day on the Alternative Vote and the Welsh Assembly where the polling station is right by the fun fair. So lots and lots of cars will try and get to the middle of town only they cant because of the fair so they all end up shouting and getting angry and if any of the prospective Welsh Assembly members turn up they get hit with things. This year we think they will get hit with bits of pylon which are lying about in the fields.

The ghost writer says he is rather tired too because he had to drive all the way to Machynlleth with a computer and then fix things and drive all the way back to the grey office and carry loads of computers up and down stairs. And he has to go and vote tomorrow too, he says he is going to vote yes as it is the best result for my diary. Not sure how he works that out because voting for politicians never changes much at the best of times. Mum said THAT’S TRUE.

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