Saturday, 7 May 2011

The conspiracy of the Keepers of Time

Well what a wet start to the day it was the first proper rain in a while so all the plants are much happier. Dad says it’s the start of Autumn because the seasons are all slowly moving forward. Dad says it’s a conspiracy but the Keepers of Time who have speeded up the moon so the days are all a bit shorter so as the years pass summer turns up in February.

The dog says that can’t be right because if it was our clocks and watches would all be wrong and we would have to adjust them every now and again. That is quite interesting because I have adjusted my watch at least two or three times this year and all the wall clocks say different times anyway and the town hall clock chimes all sorts of things at some really odd times. So maybe that’s it; our increasingly early summer is not due to climate change it is the work of the Keepers of Time. I though I would ask the Joules Verne Pocket Oracle and Prophecy Machine about time because it knows about this sort of thing but is said I should ask mum. I asked mum about dads theories but she just said her watch was running fast and that she didn’t have time to answer things like that right now.

Even though it is Saturday and I should have had loads of time to do stuff; that has not worked out either and most of the day seemed to vanish before I did anything even though I was not actually doing nothing but all the things I did, didn’t really result in any tangible changes in anything. It is very annoying to do things all day then look back on the day and think that’s add I don’t seem to have done anything. Apparently that is quite common too. It is not only very annoying but something of a paradox, dad is blaming it on the Keepers of Time.  Mum said IDIOT again but I think dad has a point because the rain has got worse and all our watches are at different times again.

And now it is time for me to go, well I think it’s time to go only I am not sure anymore because my watch tells me I need to have breakfast and I ate that hours ago but I don’t mind eating more of them after all you cant have to much bacon, sausage, black pudding, fried bread, scrambled egg, mushrooms, baked beans, pancakes and maple syrup, French fries and hash brownies. YUMMY.

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