Friday, 20 May 2011

The birthday and the Tapas evening

It is the birthday of Miss Issy yet another member of our complex trans-cyberspace family which it has to be said is far too complicated to explain in a book of only about 200,000 words long when it is also meant to be full of swashbuckling adventure. What is swashbuckling anyway I know pirates do it and it is one of the verb descriptive words of an action of some sort, BUT…..?

Anyway you see what happens when you write what you think, RUBBISH.

Because it’s Miss Issy’s birthday we are having a Tapas evening to celebrate, and Miss Issy is due to attend and eat stuff although she is a bit odd about what she eats, eating loads of vegetables and healthy stuff and nothing with legs on it not even crocodile. You cant have a good Tapas meal without eating a few legs, me and the dog eat loads of legs from all sorts of things although not the visitors legs.. School seemed just like yesterday or the day before so maybe it was the second day of the stereotypical days from the day before yesterday or something like that. Does that make sense; Not really still I am sure you all know what I mean sort of?.

The black cat (Sooty) has turned up again today, in fact he turned up at 4:00am in the morning meowing and I had to get up to check he was OK as no one else heard him although the dog did open one eye and muttered stuff. When I opened the door to check on him her it; it ran away, really after stumbling about being made deaf by the cat and the dawn chorus. We have fed it again today much to the disgust of Heavy Harry who has locked himself in dads car as a protest and we have made it a water proof den to get in when it rains although it looked at it and went YUK. There is no pleasing some cats or as the dog says any cats.

Pirate Pete has spent the day sharpening his swords and priming muskets in order to attack the Spanish fleet as he says there is lots of gold on Spanish galleons but we all thing he has got the wrong idea of a Tapas evening. He will be fine once he is full of rum and telling tales of old sea dogs and monsters. I did offer to play the violin tonight but the dog said there is no need now because we have two cats we can  strangle instead and it will sound better. That’s not very nice but everyone else agrees with the dog even the cats…….. NOT FAIR. I asked Pirate Pete about Swashbuckling and he said HAR HAR HAR HAR, not really very helpful is it.  

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