Thursday, 18 February 2016

Poetry for Shakespearian Actors

Expolius the bard upon the stage

As he raises his hands in a powerful rage

Swirling his body, the audience watching in awe

Laspenning and grimping his words to their core

And as Julius Caesar falls

In his Blood stained Romanesque Robes

The crowds cheer and scratch at their itchy earlobes

Skelking and brusting and shouting . . . Well done

Enjoying a Shakespearian Night of mirth and Edwardian good fun

The three witches sneering and growling within the Great theatrical Hall

Proclaiming a curse on all from the short to the tall

Tether the timper and the head of a mouse

A sheep’s eye, some soot and the beak of a grouse

Intestines of frogs and a pony’s tail

Blood of an Ox and the fin of a whale

Dust from the cave of that Cyclops beast

And three and half ounces of fresh organic yeast

HAR HAR HAR they shout

You’re all going to die

The audience cheering again

As they throw their hats into the sky.

But the very next day

The audience are found head first in quick sand

A crime the police still don’t understand

The only clues a witch’s broom

A black pointy hat

And a rather moth eaten

Pantomime Cat

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