Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Poetry for the National Lottery

I thought I might write a little spell
So that in the National Lottery
I do rather well
With number 9, 25 and maybe 6
And cement from
Some old house bricks
And 17, 20 and even 22
And a large pot of sticky glue
Many 8’s, 3’s and even 45
All thrown in too keep our hopes alive
14, 40 and 49
All these numbers are good
And will do just fine
And the engine oil
Of a Rolls Royce car
Stirred into the cauldron
With a bent iron bar
And we can add 15, 27, 30 and many more
So many numbers to choose from
To keep us poor
But with my lottery secret spell
I will soon be rich
Because I can tell
But first I must add 13, 20, 37 and 41
And then I will be almost done
Maybe a little bit of 10
And a blue retractable  ballpoint pen
And when I'm rich
I’ll have a day trip to the Sea
And have Fish and Chips
For my Tea

I might even have an extra large portion
and extra vinegar 

You will notice I do not use all those new fangled numbers in my Lottery spell increasing the odd sa they did to the point where even a good spell will struggle to win a fish supper. DAMN those lottery folk messing with the dreams of us ordinary folk on the street.

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