Monday, 29 February 2016

Poetry for the Improbabilities of Science and Religion

The Poly-metric diverging horizontal
Is tangentially opposed to the dimensional portal
With a mass of one equal to the mean of the square
And the fabric of reality hanging on by a hair
While the imploded dissection of another reality
Is never mentioned in respect to man’s mentality
And squares and triangles and cylindrical cones
Interject with the rhythm of low frequency tones
Yet light refracted by a multifaceted prism
Can be explained in principle by religious schism    
And a parallel force of equal strength
When applied to a lever of half its length
Will always make an inverted arc
Or a double helix when applied in the dark
And everyone can agree that science is fun
And what I know of it
Can be summed up
In one word

One small step for man

One giant leap year for mankind 


  1. I purchased a Raspberry Pi 3 today. I discovered that they are made in Wales!!!! I am going to check if their factory is close to you.

    1. It looks like you are about 110 miles away from Pencoed where their factory is located.

    2. Indeed Mr ESB. I used to head down that way to our base in Ystradgynlais from time to time, but I dont have too any longer although to be fair travelling through the Brecon Beacons is rather beautiful and the road is a great driving road with little traffic.

      Good luck with the Raspberry Pi. I am chilling a little at present without the stress of being on call to fix things

    3. Your poem kind of looks like a pencil, rectangular with a triangular tip.

    4. I did rather like the shape that it turned out

    5. I looked at it again and figured you must have picked 'centered' for format.

      Did you mess up my order for the Raspberry Pi, do something to mess up production? They now told me that my order is back order ...BUT... their website shows the particular product 'in stock'. Bizarre. Plus it appears they raised the price by 28 dollars!

  2. Replies
    1. Indeed Miss Lily, but you have to admit it is different.

      I hope you are well