Friday, 26 February 2016

Poetry for a Conspiracy Theory

We all like a conspiracy theory
And although one or two
Are getting old and weary
One of mine has now leapt to fame
An idea that to most
Would be madness and insane
But it seems a chap has finally read
The words I wrote
Where I sort of said
That the very nice Jeremy Clarkson chap
Came up with a cunning plan
To escape his BBC contractual trap
So he could go and drive cars very fast
On another show
With his mates from the past
And although people mocked my conspiracy plan
It seems in hindsight
I am the man
So I give you all a knowing nod and wink
Having now rescued my blog
From obscurities brink
Now how cool is that
Well cool indeed
So without ado
I will let you go

And read

Follow the conspiracy theory link in the following article


  1. I read that post
    cos you put it on twitter
    and now you are famous
    and im not in the least bitter.

    although i am tired
    and a little be weary
    i also enjoy
    a good conspiracy theory

    but those top gear boys
    will soon be back on..
    .. our TV's but you will need
    a subscription to ama-zon.

    *it's tough to rhyme when you're getting ready for bed.*

    1. Oooooo thats good Mr H very very good indeed, sadly though I will not see them on Amazon, so will have to wait until it turns up on Dave or the like