Saturday, 20 February 2016

One step closer to being a Cat

Well a couple of days ago I happen to say that something very important was going to happen. And as it happens it has now happened. Now when I say important it is important for me but in reality except for my own family it is of no importance to anyone else and even my own family might be inclined to say it is not important, but it is important. You see I am no longer an official IT expert, in fact some would say I am an not an expert in anything of any form what so ever. And the reason is that I resigned this month from my rather part time job and therefore now do nothing, well not nothing I do move about eat food write things on my blog including rather odd poetry, but I do nothing that actually generates income. Which means I actually have an annual income of nothing, which does seem a little extreme but it is better that it might sound at first glance. You see almost my entire working life I have never spent money I don’t have, I have never borrowed money with the one exception of a mortgage for our house. Which due to a very unfortunate incident in 1985 meant I was able to pay in full a long time ago. A classic example of the old saying . . . . Something of a double edged sword . . .   

So for the next two and a half years I now have to survive on an income of nothing and a bit of savings and writing very bad poetry which I will recite outside shops until they pay me to go away. If this fails I do have the back up plan of eating the cats, but I can’t see that keeping me going for more that a week or two at best. It is a bit of a gamble having no income because the world, and in particular western society is very much based on the premise that we all go out working everyday so that we can earn money to live in a home that we don’t live in because we are all out earning money to pay for the home we live in. But I have made my decision and I have leapt out of the rat race and into the fire. Or at least sitting beside the fire keeping my toes warm.

In two and a half years I will actually receive a pension from the state which is not huge, but my out goings are minimal and if all stays as predicted then I can chill and spend the rest of my days annoying folk with slightly odd poetry and pointing at seagulls.  I have always felt society in the west is all a bit wrong as most folk are forced to chase a reasonable income in order to remain fit and healthy in order to work. Cats do not have this problem, a well fed middle class fat cat is to all intense and purposes a lazy fat critter who likes dinner on demand and a warm bed and does very little to justify his over indulgent lazy lifestyle. I am now one of those cats although I am not fat and would like to think I have worked away as best I can to get to this point.      


  1. Come join my plans in setting up a kibbutz Mr Z. We can live off the land and do away with Western civilization. Of course that would mean that you would have forego those bacon butties.

    My step dad is the same as you, never borrowing money or over speading, despite working from the age of 13 to support a family of 11. My mum thinks daily about drugging him so that we can find the hiding place of the sizeable amount he has accumulated over the decades.

    1. A kibbutz, blimey Miss Lily that is a bit of a jump. I assume that this would not take place in central London as there is not enough land to live off. I think I might stick with the bacon butty's.

      In the old days it was normal to stash a bit of your wages away for a rainy day or for when you got old and knackered (I am now old and knackered. But it was that Maggie Thatcher who screwed up the minds of the young so they all wanted everything now (or then as was) so rather than save everyone ended up in debt up to their eyeballs. Sadly that culture is now the norm and us folk who saved and invested are a tiny minority. Even the big banks followed the masses, leaving us in the economic mess we have today. And the Conservatives blame Labour and folk believe them. . . . .Its a funny old world and that's for sure.

  2. So .... if you stand outside and speak until they give you money to go away ... your new occupation is .. Politician !!!! Sorry to break the news to you that way.

    There are actually gobs of a whole bunch of technology things to buy to tinker with/invent/destroy, that cost relatively little. There are Arduinos and Raspberry Pi's and several IT things online. I chose to step away from IT about 7 years ago, but I gradually got back into it but only for myself and wife. I have been enjoying some Youtube videos from LinusTechTips and others. After practically nothing to do in art since the beginning of the year I am s'ddenly flooded meanwhile I am having trouble with a hot water heater again.

    1. I have been ignoring updating my PCs at home for a long time now with two running Windows XP. But now I am being forced to get more up to date. I now have a new everyday PC that is third hand but is a 64bit machine and I have installed Windows 7 on it. I do have a laptop with Windows 10 and still have one very old PC with Windows XP but I think its time is up and in the next few weeks it may have to bite the dust.

      I have been given two newer PCs by a friend but am still pondering my options about operating systems as I plan to chill out for a while regarding being a techy chap.

      Good luck with the water heater