Friday, 5 February 2016

Another Ordinary Day in the Life of an Old and Grumpy Bad Poet

I have started to de-clutter the room I keep all the clutter in. It has been useful clutter, but time is catching up on my clutter and most of it is now obsolete clutter that is of no use to man or machine. But some of it might just be useful clutter that I should hang onto for a bit longer, until it too becomes obsolete clutter and can be thrown away. This makes de-cluttering the clutter much harder as I need to check what is what and then think . . . OOoooooo is this useful, or is it clutter, before being ruthless and putting in the possible clutter pile.

As it happens there is a lot of stuff that really is clutter so I have several bags of things to go, and as an added bonus I found a small bag of money. Now don’t get all excited it was not a lot of money but it was just over £10.00 in small change and that will buy me a bag of chips tomorrow when I am out in the predicted rain and wind doing my good deed. I am getting good at doing this good deed thing.  It would be good to think the concept catches on and before you know it we are all out there doing stuff to help others and the like.  Sadly the world does not always work like that, I suspect one of the reasons is that folk have rooms full of unwanted clutter that they are finding it difficult to get rid of, and they are angry and frustrated that a sizeable percentage of their home is redundant and full of stuff they don’t need.

OK I’m off to watch a bit of TV now but I will be back.

I’m back, you see that took no time. Right I am off to bed in a bit so this in one of the less exciting diary entries of recent times involving no poetry or even anything remotely exciting in any way. This is fairly normal for almost everyone, even that Neil Armstrong did not do exciting stuff every day sometimes he would get up have breakfast read a bit chill in the sun all day and then nod in a knowing way at the moon before going back to bed in the evening to sleep. That is the sort of day I have had although I did go to the local market this morning where I saw a badgers skull, but I did not see the moon.  


  1. Do you mutter has you flutter through your clutter? The clutter may fear what they hear that they may be near to disappear.

    1. That should be:
      Do you mutter as you flutter through your clutter? The clutter may fear what they hear that they may be near to disappear.

    2. Well Written Mr ESB. I am resting today as I have been out doing my good deed at the Hospice shop. It was very wet though and there were not many customers. It was also a tough drive home with a few flooded roads so I am off to bed for an early-ish night, where I will, I suspect mutter about clutter in my sleep.

    3. The local Hospice, which is the hospital for terminally ill patients always needs to raise cash so they have several charity shops. One of which is managed by my daughter, so me and my wife do our bit to help when we can. . . .