Saturday, 7 November 2015

Poetry for Science and the Quest for Knowledge

The shorter the wavelength the faster it Goes

Or so any mad scientist (me) will say that he Knows

And if he drops a brick and a feather way out in space

They will land on his feet at the same pace

And a quasar rotates very very Fast

And can tell us much of our future and Past

You see Science is fun and Mathematics Two
 (2 HAH AHha haha hah ha ha ha )

Which is why I stuck the cat to the ceiling with Glue

Quantum Mechanics is also something; at sometime we have all Done

Connecting granny to a Van Der Graaf Generator, so she will light up, which is Fun

However my Pavlov’s Dog experiment did not go Well

And the Judge has banned me from keeping dogs for a Spell

And chewing gum placed in the large hadron Collider

Will not turn into a black hole on the Inside  . . . AH

Another place that has banned me now in my quest for Knowledge.

Along with my old School, the University

And the local Catering College.  

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