Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Poetry for old Nursery Rhymes

It has been a long day battling computers in my place of work. . . .Sometimes those little critters just like to play games with your head . . . . And that made me think I know I could rewrite that Simple Simon rhyme thing into something a little more contemporary. . . Yes this is what computers do to folks heads when they are not entirely doing what they should (thats the computer not my head). So I hope you enjoy the updated Simple Simon as it has a Zombie in it. . . OOOOOOooooooo we like Zombies. OK yes it did take at least five minutes to write but I have been working all day so YA SUCKS BOO

Simple Simon met a Zombie,

Going to the fair;

Said Simple Simon to the Zombie,

Why are you looking so intently at my Hair.

Said the Zombie to Simple Simon,

May I lick you lovely Brain;

Said Simple Simon to the Zombie,

What are you mad and quite insane.

So Simple Simon ran away,

To wrap his head in extra strong Kitchen foil;

But out in the sun his head got hot,

And his brain it started to overheat, sizzle and boil.

Which in turn made Simple Simon

Go out hunting for bizarre bits of curious KNOWLEDGE

Like wondering . . . If plums grew on a thistle;

Only to have the Zombie catch him, in the local College

And then the Zombie tied him up,

While the Zombie chirpily had a Whistle

But the Zombie then complained somewhat

That Simple Simons Brain

Was overcooked
And was also full of GRISTLE. 

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