Sunday, 11 October 2015

Predictions, Pirates, Sailors, Syria and the End of the World (again)

I have cunningly disguised my bit of 3D art 
for now as it is not entirely finished 

I am back and not before time I can hear you all say . . . . OK I can at least pretend you are all pleased to see me back at the helm of my favourite steam powered PC; with its very annoying and overworked fan squeaking at me as it desperately tries to deal with the internet and my spelling.  Well it was a lovely week pondering the world down in South Wales in a semi secluded lodge near the coast. It was quite interesting watching the sailing folk as they clambered in and out of their assortment of boats, but I was left with one rather puzzling question by the end of the week. You see you would think of sailing folk as lean mean fighting machines leaping from mast to mast with daggers and swords held between their teeth like pirates of old. This however was far from the truth indeed. As most of the ones I saw were rather unfit and overweight and at least half of them seemed rather elderly. Maybe this is why traditional pirates died out as a species, as they were just unable to sing (sorry Swing) from ship to ship on ropes going HAR HAR HAR.

Now while I was away doing some arty stuff watching sailors? and thinking, I sort of remembered something from way way back about that chap Nostradamus, sadly folk keep doing sneaky stuff to his predictions to try and keep him up and running, but I do recollect he first said the start of the End of the World would happen back in 1990 something, and since then folk have lost interest (when it never happened) and just use Google instead to predict everything. But I’m sure I remember that it was all due to start going down hill with war in the Middle-East and I am certain Syria was the predicted flash point. Look this was a long time ago now, we have not chatted for ages on account of Mr Nostradamus not being entirely alive. In fact the last time we met he tried to eat my brains and groaned a lot which did make me suspicious back then.

OK back to the point Syria is in a bit of a mess at present and both Russia and the USA are trying to bomb it to bits while avoiding accidently bombing one another. Now there is no doubt that President Putin is far more gung ho than President Obama but if say Mr Trump became President Trump, then I suspect he would be up for a bit of brinkmanship against President Putin. Let’s face it they are not going to be buddies and chatting on the phone to deal with those tricky international issues.

So maybe that Mr Nostradamus might have been right about the End of the World starting in the Middle East after all. I plan to wrap my head in tin foil, write poetry and do some art while hiding under the dinning table. . . . . still it could be worse I could own a VW. 


  1. There is nothing wrong with owning a VW...Okay, their diesel emissions are a bit suspect...and they pretty much crumble on impact, but apart from that...

    I have a book from way back when, and you're right Mr Z, it does mention ole Nostie's prediction of impending doom beginning in the Middle East, somewhere in the 1990s. I'll have to dust off the cobwebs and check the exact date. I'd forgotten all about it...until now. Thanks for instilling fear into me before I've even had my morning coffee.

    Loving the 3D art.

    1. I only remember all that stuff about Nostradamus and the 1990's because everyone spent a lot of time with their heads wrapped in kitchen foil and turning tables into nuclear bunkers.

      IKEA sold a lot of their Nukea-Hide-us kitchen range with bonus Allan keys and soft close draws.

      Once the 3D art is complete I will post a pic on the blog. . . .End of the World permitting.

    2. I'm sure i remember reading in a bible somewhere about the end of the world arriving when "the armies of the world surround Jerusalem", or something similar.

      It's all very worrying, I'm not sure if it is a worrying as the last time the world powers started to throw bombs around the place or if this time it's worth polishing the old trusty 11 in one pointy stick (tm) just in case.

      I would also like to mirror Lily's words and say - "Loving the 3d art"

      Very cool.

    3. I think we are heading towards a world of Zombies and Mutant Spiders Mr H so the old trusty 11 in one pointy stick (tm) is a must. In fact it might sell like hot cakes in the present state of world affairs.