Saturday, 17 October 2015

One Shade of Grey and a House Sign

Today saw the arrival of two things one of which is exciting and the other not exciting, both are heavier than one might expect and both involve the colour grey . Not that grey is an exciting colour or even a colour in the way that folk tend to think of colour, in fact I not sure if it even counts in scientific terms as colour or not. Although to be fair none of this actually matters anyway so I will get back to the point.

The first thing arrived with a courier in a white van who was friendly and chirpy and gave me a great huge heavy Catalogue from a well known store. Well we looked at it and said O MY GOD that’s heavy and big and why us, why have they sent us this big huge catalogue that no one wanted. So we looked through it as you do, as us humans are as curious as cats and just need to have a little look inside to see if it has an exciting treat within.  In this case it did not, firstly 90% of it was women’s clothing designed for 20 year old anorexics; why do they always do that, surely in this day and age fashion stores should have learnt that folk are generally normal sized. And I am not convinced that filling this catalogues with 20 year olds is actually aiming at their target market. To make matters worse it appears the hip colour for this Autumn is a sort of grey hint of greyness with some added grey.

Well I guess you can tell this was not the exciting thing of the two things that arrived. No that was our new house sign which has been made by the Son in Law of the Ghost Writer who is as grumpy as ever but has his uses at times( that’s the Ghost Writer by the way). Made, based on my drawing but tweaked a bit to deal with the fact my design got a bit carried away. He said A fully operation steam powered house sigh with light up letters and a steam organ that played The ace of spades was slightly more than he was prepared to make. But it looks very cool and it is now my job to paint it and get it attached to the post at the end of the drive.  Replacing the present one which no one can see easily and which is, to put it bluntly not so good these days, but it has probably been there for thirty years at least. Actually no one can read it any longer so unless folk know where we live they can’t find us. . . . mmmmmmm I think that sort of might be true for everyone, but I hope you might know what I mean.

And we have just had Bangers and Mash for tea. . . Well Cool. 


  1. 20 year old anorexics need love too...and a great big bacon sarnie.
    Love the sign. Very Steampunk in my opinion.

    1. It was always planned as a steampunk sign although it is not a steampunk house. And I have a cunning plan to extend and turn the summer house into a small quirky Welsh Chapel (lookalike). So in time the whole place will be an interesting mix of styles that are probably not meant to go together.

      I have known a couple of anorexics in the past and they certainly do need some love. They can be very insecure. Sadly one of those we knew died at nineteen when her body just shut down. . . Some of the fashion industry has a lot to answer for with their ideas of what women and now men should look like.