Sunday, 26 July 2015

The Truth about Conspiracy Theories

We live in a world that loves a good conspiracy theory, I know I do. And we all know of at least one that has done the rounds whether it is the assassination of JFK or the death of Princess Diana or other Royal Family based ones or those linked to Global Warming or the end of WW11 and so on and so on.  However we need to ask ourselves why there are so many and why many of them are known to so many people.  You see the general view by the powers that be is that conspiracy theories are started in general by nutters with a grudge again the system, and this is probably correct. But if so it does raise an interesting question.

You see I have put forward my own conspiracy theories about things like aliens and so on, on my blog and have mentioned them on twitter and they don’t go global. If it is the case most of these things are started up by folk with a grudge against the establishment how do they end up known to so many. . . . . Well I have a theory…

I mean if you wanted to hide a large tree, where would be the best place to hide it. Not in a large warehouse or under the stairs as it would stand out like a sore thumb and besides it would die. So the perfect place to hide it is in a wood or forest where it is one tree among thousands and almost impossible for anyone to find. Well this might very well be the truth behind so many conspiracy theories; the truth is that one of them is in fact the truth, but which one. You see the establishment and powers that be can hide what is a very plausible truth among the thousands of slightly strange but possible theories that are not true. It is therefore in the interest of governments and multinationals to encourage as many Conspiracies as possible that might just have some sort plausible truth within them in order to hide the truth.

So in short what I am saying is that I have a conspiracy theory that says all conspiracy theories are a conspiracy theory to hide the conspiracy theory that is the true one.

Of course the truth will never really be known because although we have the access to information act and official secrets are generally released after thirty years or longer. If I was in charge and I did not wish folk to find out I would ensure everything was shredded by folk who did not know what they were shredding. Making sure the shredded stuff was then dealt with by folk who did not have any link with the other lot.

If this blog suddenly vanishes you will know that I know too much. . . or not enough.  


  1. The whole internet is a conspiracy. The only REAL people on the internet are you, me and Henry Hut.

    Everyone else is just a part of the intricate web (web.. as in world wide web) of lies and is in fact those two guys at GCHQ who have two laptops and a smart phone each and pretend to be everyone else from Stephen Fry to Katie Hopkins.

    They sit there having conversations with each other hoping to throw Truth Wizards (tm) like us off the case.

    The truth is not out there Rob.... it's all in here... (taps at head a bit too hard and for a bit longer than a normal person would).

    1. Well that might explain why my tweets on twitter seem to vanish into a vast void of nothingness it is in fact just Charles and Quintin. They are a right pair of scallywags those two at GCHQ. I might wrap my head in tin foil again just in care.

      I bet Henry Hut knows what to do.

  2. You may be onto something here. Or you might be just starting another conspiracy. Just what we all need.

    Tossing It Out

    1. Some say I part of the conspiracy plot to help spread conspiracies although I deny everything. Although I would say that it I was part of one.

      DAMN this is complicated

  3. I take umbrage at Mr H for not including me as a Truth Wizard. This is obviously a conspiracy to keep people from not knowing that I know that there is stuff that they don't know about me knowing and that makes knowing the stuff that I know but they don't know that I know, dangerous information.

    1. Well I did think it was unlikely that you were Charles from GCHQ Miss Lily. And I suspected you knew more than you we telling about what you know about who knew what about the stuff we know. But you need to take care now as what you know; although not known to those in the know will assume to be stuff that you should not know. . . .

      All I know is that I dont know what I'm writing about.

    2. Damn it Lily, i was trying to keep you out of it. Now they know, they will be coming for you! hahaha