Wednesday, 15 July 2015

The Cursed Poetry of a Cursed Child and a Snake

Beware the Cursed Child
Playing with Snakes
Out in the Wild
Howling with the Banshees
In the Dead of Night
Stalking Folk
And a Vampires Bite

Beware their Manic Ways
As they Whisper Spells
In the Misty Haze
Running with the Witches
In darkest Woods with delight
Fearsome Looks
And a Vampires Bite

Beware their Pointy Nails
Scratching at your Doors
And the Eerie Wails
Howling with the Wild Wild Wolves
Somewhere In the dead of Night
Stalking Folk
With a Vampires Bite

Beware the Cursed Child
Beware their Cursed Day
And if you want to know how it ends
You will have to go and see
The JK Rowling Play

HAH AH hah ah ah ah ah ahah aha ha hahaha ha ha.

I know its my Cursed Poetry Again. 


  1. Ooh, if there was a 'like' button on this blog, I'd be pressing it right now Mr Z. An excellent poem.

    1. I have always wondered why blogger does not have a like or visited button or even a poke in the eye button that folk can prod at. All this instant poetry is a bit of a game and thats for sure.

      Have you noticed I have given up with Steven Spielberg, my new chum is JK Rowling along on the crest of a wave. When I say chum I really mean she has sent a couple of large hobbits round to tell me to clear off and stop hanging about outside the castle. I shouted HOGWARTS at them but I dont think they saw the funny side of that, so I'm hiding under the clock(sorry cloak) of invisibility in a wheely bin they will never find me there. . .

      AH DAMN maybe I should not have said that.

    2. The one good thing I like about Wordpress, is the 'Like' button. Sometimes you read a post and want to comment but somebody else has already said what you wanted to say and in not wanting to say what the other person said because it's already been said, I just simply click on 'Like.'

      Fame is a fickle mistress. You gotta go where the action is. I'm sure Mr Spielberg now longer feels it necessary to issue you with a restraining order.

  2. Hey Rob,

    Your poetry is so surreal
    Has a kind of scary feel
    The cursed child
    A little bit wild
    JK got nothing on you
    We'll see you in a play or two...
    Nicely done and you're having fun.

    HAH AH hah ah ah ah ah ahah aha ha hahaha ha ha.

    Gary :)

    1. I like the word surreal it sounds so much better than Rubbish

      Nice poetry Mr G. Poor old JK Rowling sometimes gets a tough time by folk, fame is not all parties and champagne . . . I suspect she is not entirely happy being in the spot lamp of celebrity. I feel like that myself at times only someone has nicked the spot lamp and I am told my moment of glory was in 1753 due to a typing error. . . .