Saturday, 18 July 2015

Poetry for Mariners

Out at Sea
Where Sailors Be
And Fishes
Leap and Dive
There is an Octopus
Who is very Large
And who’s known to All
As Clive

He lives in the Deep
Down Below
And is very seldom Seen
But should a Ship
Pass his Way
He will Pick
The sailor’s Bones
Quite Clean.

It might sound Bad
and very Sad
But he is a Monster
Of the Deep
So if you pass his Way
Then my Advice

Is do it Quietly

and don’t Disturb

His Day.


Can a sphere be flat
In a dimension
Man cant get at
I rather think that it can
So when giving a Nobel Prize to a Man.
A man who has written poetry of the Sea
Remember the Sphere theory

was thought of
By Me


  1. Clive doesn't sound very nice at all, but I suppose that is what monsters do. He's just doing his job.

    1. Indeed Miss Laura, but to be fair Humans eat a lot of Octopus and they are far from stupid beasts (that's the Octopus not the humans, I think the verdict is still out on humans).

      Ooo000 I slightly changed the ending a bit. this is what happens when you write and post and dont think in-between which is what I tend to do.

  2. At the small(est) dimension of atom(ic) there are "spheres" like Buckminsterfullerenes that are composed entirely of "flat" surfaces.

    1. I think your after my Nobel Prize Mr ESB . . .

      I checked out the site but felt I was lying down in a geo-dome greenhouse.

      How exactly did you find Buckminsterfullerenes . . . . . PHEW

    2. My college degree is Chemistry. My career was spent in organic chemistry, so I have known about bucky balls for quite awhile. When I was a child my father took me to a presentation at the college Black Hills State College to hear R. Buckminster Fuller speak in my hometown of Spearfish, SD. He did work in many areas including geodesic domes.

    3. After you mentioned Nobel Prize, I thought, one of my favorite's is the 2010 Physics prize for the invention of graphene, which are simply layers of carbon one atom thick. The inventor simply used adhesive tape to pull a layer of carbon off from graphite which is just sheets of loosely held carbon. The carbon layers are then removed from the tape with solvents. Graphene has many interesting qualities and spurred quite a bit of research and similar products.

    4. Now Graphene I have heard of. It is interesting stuff I have a friend who is well into such things.