Sunday, 12 July 2015

Circus Poetry and other things

Beth rides the wall of Death
On Her old 1950’s B.S.A
Then grabs a trapeze
To the Ooooo’s of the crowd
And majestically swings out of the way

Her dog still on her trusty bike
She knows he will never fall
Blindfolded and juggling flaming swords
And doing wheelies along the hall

But the Health and safety men
Are far from Happy
Demanding netting and Hard hats
And have told the dog he has to stop

Chasing large or Ginger cats.  


  1. Those hard-hatted safety men
    always seem to put an end
    to fun like juggling with swords,
    I wonder if they must be bored...

    of watching wheelies along the hall,
    or scary clowns with great big balls,
    or women who just can't write poetry
    and should be ousted from society.

    1. Well written Miss Lily
      Your poetries good
      But some might say
      A bit silly.

      HA HHA ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha hah a ha

  2. Hey Mr. Rob,

    I wont get caught up in the poetry
    That would be even more silly.

    So instead
    Dog covers head
    Then goes chasing
    How amazing
    Large or Ginger cats
    How about thats....

    Gary, Gary, quite contrary.....

    1. Well Mr G I do not see your poetry much these days. . . . . Then it seemed to turn up twice so I zapped one of them. . . . Im like that, although it does not mean you can have too much of a good thing. . . .I for one will always have too much of a good thing if the option ever turns up. . .

      I am sadly still waiting for it to turn up so will content myself with ice cream.