Monday, 25 May 2015

A Harry Potter Poem not involving a Raven

What with the continuing work on the house distracting me long enough for the grass outside to turn into a jungle I am having to resort to a repeat post. . . . Yes I know we all hate repeats but what is a chap meant to do, I am after all only super human stopping trains with steely look of disapproval, or making Ravens feel guilty about their eating habits on a cold Saturday night in Grimsby with a certain wag of a finger.

So for your delight I am repeating yet another of those almost popular Harry Potter poems from way back a bit. Anyway cyberspace is quieter than a wet day in a Grimsby Tanning studio.   

OOOOOooooo it was a Halloween Harry Potter Poem just in case you dont realise.

Scratching Scratching at my front door
At Halloween a sound I do deplore
Those wizard kids with their friendly smile
Harry Potter and all his mates so vile
O be a sport do let us in
We would love some candy . . . And a glass of gin.
Scratching Scratching with a madman’s grin

Scratching Scratching in the black of night
Scratching Scratching in the dark, just out of sight
But we are only wizards and very nice
And would never turn you into little frogs or mice
But that Harry Potter is mad you know
With his odd scarred forehead . . . And his Smarmy glow
Scratching Scratching as the wild winds blow

Scratching Scratching like a demented Claw
Scratching Scratching at my front door
Oh that Mr Potter is very clever, pretending to be nice
But we all know he has a heart of ice
And that Miss Hermione Granger is just as bad
She buried her parents in the sands of Budapest
In an oak lined steel multi-locked Pirate Treasure Chest

Scratching Scratching. . .  You can let us out now Herminie
Scratching Scratching. . .  HELLO . . . Are you there
Scratching Scratching . . . HELP

Oh Dear

HAH HA HAHah ha hahah ah hah ahha hah ah ha hahah ah ah ah ah ah ah ahah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ha ah ha ha hahh ahah ha ha ha haha h ah a ahahahha haah ah ha      


  1. Ooh, I remember liking the rythmn of this particular poem. You need to put all your prose on a separate pages Mr Z, so folk can peruse them.

    1. It has gone through my mind to do so sometime, but will I ever have time what with the mind thinking of other things and my body slowly grinding to a halt. . .

  2. What is the word after "The Good Ship" on the side of the ship in the photograph?

    1. I made the ship and its container which has doors and hangs on the wall as a wedding present for our daughter and her partner who are called Issy and Spencer, so the word is "Si" as in Spencer and Issy. . . I will admit that without that information it makes no sense.

    2. Lets hope The Good Ship Si is not distracted by Si-rens, hahahahahaha