Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Harry Potter and the Halloween Poem . . . Part Three

Back in the days of Witches Banshees Ghouls and many an old warlock

A famous young wizard called Harry Potter roamed tuning keys in many a door lock

With his trusty wand and spells he did rid us of all such scary and villainous beasts

And everyone then celebrated with fires, lots of cake and big feasts.

Everyone did cheer and shout at this task in which Harry did succeed

Although one tiny voice did speakout  not noticed and not listened too, and no one did take heed

But what of Halloween the tiny voice did said questioningly who will now came and call

When all those strange and scary beasts have been killed off by Harry one and all.

So at Halloween when small children call in rubbish plastic outfits shouting Trick or Treat.

Remember whose fault it is that all these annoying children scamper about on your street

It is that damn Harry Potter and his mates and all their heroic film hero wizardly ways

Because there are no more decent man eating monsters and Halloween has seen much better days.


  1. Ooh, about time too. Google wouldn't let me leave a message, or Google+ your post earlier.

    Anyway...er...I forgot what witty aside I was going to write now...

    1. Traffic to my blog has almost completely stopped since I mentioned Harry Potter. I think he must have friends in high places. Well either that or Harry Potter is very unpopular even more unpopular than World Social Economic Politics and Theories. Now I know me and Harry have had our ups and downs, he is not a steam fan like me and the trick with the kipper was a bit unkind of me, but I was young and he did sort of bring it on himself. Anyway the point is he must be more popular than The History of Economics surely. I mean that would be terrible and folk would constantly go on and on about it for like ages . . . . .

      I mean imagine Harry Potter being less popular than Economics. . . .gosh.

  2. I always wondered where all the monsters had gone.

    1. Indeed Miss Laura its all that Harry's fault.