Thursday, 16 October 2014

Harry Potter and the first Halloween Poem of 2014

It will soon be Halloween
A time when Monsters and Vampires will be seen.
When huge hairy scary spiders scratch at front doors
And beasts with pointy teeth and talons on their paws
Whisper through your letter box
Let me in I’m very nice
I might just lick you once or twice
And maybe suck a little blood
That will run from your neck into the mud
As you are dragged deep into the wood
By a Zombie in a Big Black Hood.

Because at Halloween Monsters like to eat
And they much prefer some human meat
And all those children shouting trick or treat
Are all happy until they meet
A Monster with a terrible screaming howl
That smells of rotting rats and things most foul
 Which whispers gently I’m very nice?
And if you let me lick you once or twice
And maybe nibble at your fresh young brains
 You could live with me in the drains

Then next year you’ll emerge as a terrible rotter
And we will all feast on the Brains of HARRY POTTER

HAH HA HAH HA hah ah ah ah ah ahah hah ha ha
A a ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah
A  ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ahah ha hah ah
A ajaah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ahha
Ah hha ha hahaha ha Ha hahah



  1. Nice!

    Here is my poem.

    I can not wait until it's over,
    this terrible month they call October.
    'cause the weather is getting wetter
    It'll get colder before it gets better.
    and it won't be long 'til we see easter eggs up for sale!

    hahahahahahahha. HAPPY EASTER!

    1. Happy Easter Mr H. . . . Phew time does fly and thats for sure.

  2. I Liked Your Ha ha taper. When I go home I will try it out.

    1. I hope the taper goes well, it almost did not happen

  3. I enjoyed this poem very much.
    The hahahas were a nice touch.
    At Potter's demise I almost cried...
    On no I didn't, oops I lied.

    Damn! Is it Easter already? That was quick.

    1. Sadly Harry and his mates are all going to meet a terrible end on Halloween. . . . It will be terrible and final but I warned him not to get all smug and show bis about stuff and demand red carpets and laugh at my terrible typing. . . And did he listen NO. . . . . so its not revenge it justice. . .

      OK its revenge.

  4. It would be rude of me
    not to answer the door
    Who could it be?
    We are a welcoming type heretofore.
    I open the door and let him in
    Please take a seat
    Can I bring you wine or gin?
    But all he asks is for some meat.
    A cup of blood or taste of my neck
    That seems quite rude
    But I say, "What the heck?"
    I pull down my collar, my clavicle's nude
    He sinks in teeth deep in my neck.
    There is a pinch, then it tickles
    Beware all, so is born Vampire Pickles!

    1. Vampire Pickles . . . . .NO I can see a jar of Pickles that can't be right, although having said that I also see a commercial opportunity . . . . Now who do I know with a pickling plant (thats plant as in factory not a plant, you should all know that)

  5. Just to say thanks to all for your words of poetry you are very kind to join in