Tuesday, 11 March 2014

The creeping reality of Rob Z Tobor and other uneventful events of no consequence

In the last couple of days I have been busy, but not busy doing exciting things just busy doing the things that folk generally do to keep busy.  You know the sort of things.

Attacking a large beast that has eaten the local wild Aardvark, with a pointy stick deep in the dark of the woods.

Hidden a huge pile of rare Italian renaissance manuscripts in order to avoid major historical conflicts with the Pope, as they reveal an early religious war between the church and Aliens,  involving treacle toffee. AH hang on maybe I was not meant to say that…..

Talked the Lemmings of Petrograd out of an out and out attack on Mr Jones the Alien hunter, who has yet again disturbed them as he ran through their home naked pursued by the police and one of Freddie’s ferrets

Vanished off to watch at least half a million starlings as they settle into a nearby village and poo on everything.

Washed our car after it got covered in the poo of a huge number of starlings.

Chopped off one side of an apple tree in order to stop it falling over

Carried books

Played ancient African drum rhythms to the Micro Gods of nice weather

Fixed a fountain

Pointed at many things.

So there you have it (dead boring), it has hardly been the sort of days that are going to improve my chances of the very nice Steven Spielberg showing any interest in the film rights and as I am often told by his lawyer . . . .O NO its you again please go away. The little scally wags that they are (I know they don’t mean it).

Anyway in other news my design for the MK3 Mechanical Spy Bird has been approved by the Canadian Intelligence Agency (the other and slightly less well known CIA) and they are so keen they have asked if they could print the image and hang it in the main office where they sit and ponder things. They say it will help them concentrate and stop them slipping over the edge into the world of ludicrous mad ideas that are entirely crack pot; the fine line apparently between madness and genius.  

It is nice to know however, that the fine line between reality and cyberspace has got just a little greyer than it was as my work filters into the real world in far away places, and if Mr ESB prints any Rob based clothing in the heart of Texas (sorry that’s the heights of Texas) then before you know it I will be standing next to you in a queue complaining about the weather and smiling clutching a rather well made pointy stick.

Ooooo finally I am creating a slightly rushed A to Z of Zombie based drawings of erratic quality and was wondering (assuming I get them finished in time if anyone else would like to use them, It is useful to have a picture for each letter and I am not going to sue folk for copywriter infringement, as they are all rubbish. 


  1. You need to shake yourself out of this boring busy lifestyle. Buy yourself a hat. Sit in an unusual position. Film yourself peeling oranges with your toes. Anything that takes you out of your comfort zone.

    Hope your spybird takes off. I chased a bird that was making a clicking noise the other day. Was it one of your prototypes, or is someone moving in on your territory?

    1. I like the idea with the hat Sir Addman I may draw this at somepoint. I still need to draw President Putin and his twin sister fighting a bear and a cheap DIY transformer yet. You see I have not forgotten, I tried it the once and the whole thing was terrible it looked like a goldfish that had dried up in the sun, so I lost heart a bit.

      It will happen one day though... Right now may not be the best time to draw President Putin in a fight, what with one thing and another.

  2. That sound s like the sort of week that would knacker me out. Pointing at stuff AND carrying books... No way! I'm getting a sweat on just reading it.
    My life is in no way a patch of a shadow of a hint of what others do.
    The most exciting point of my week is the weekly trip to the supermarket to push old ladies over and "tut" at how much Spam costs these days.

    1. We cheat now and use the online shopping option from Sainsbury's for all the boring stuff but use the local village market on Friday for all the fresh stuff like meat, veggies, fish, eggs and the like. And I get a large mug of tea and a huge bacon roll for a pound each and buy something for our evening meal. Its a brill market and only one hundred yards away which means I cant knock down little old ladies as they know where I live and they outnumber me at least twenty to one.

  3. I printed your The Doctors picture onto a red shirt but my friends at the diner asked me to redesign it without putting a white border, put the picture title below the picture and put it on a gray colored shirt.

    What part of the day was the most boring event? I would think digging a hole with a pointy stick would be boring hahahahahahahahahah

    1. This sounds like a very exciting project Mr ESB and as I have said feel free to use any images you wish.

      I think if I spent the entire day making a hole with a pointy stick it might be called a bore-whole . . . . . . HAH AH HH AH HAH ahha hhaah hahha hh h ha ha ha ha ha hahah hah ah h hahah ha hahaha

      PLEASE NOTE . . . just because Mr ESB is allowed to use any image of mine he likes to do stuff to make his fortune does not mean everyone can. . . . PLEASE ensure you ask before using images. . . I will probably say yes but you need to ask first.....

  4. Nice to see you're staying busy. The "S" picture is excellent. I'll bet you'll have some really cool ones.

    Wrote By Rote
    An A to Z Co-host blog

    1. They are a bit of a mix some good, some bad, some a bit odd and some not drawn yet . . . . . . . . .

      So AAAuuuuuuuuggghHHHHHH

  5. You carried BOOKS?! Stop it, you reckless madman, are you trying to kill us all?! Books. Sheesh, some people.