Monday, 17 February 2014

The Rewritten Failed Diary Post that Failed . . . . . .DAMN

Well that was a blow I was busy writing my diary when the PC sort of shut down and died,  well that is very annoying as I had written loads and at the time I was not actually touching anything…. (honest). This means today’s diary post has just vanished into oblivion, and I never even got the chance of auto-recovery, most annoying indeed. It was good too seriously good, in fact it was the post that would have finally convinced the nice Steven Spielberg that this was indeed his next film . . . . . . The life and Times of Rob Z Tobor, but I can’t remember what I wrote. I mean who actually thinks about what they are typing as they type it, I’m sure no one does they just sort of hit keys and hope for the best, it always works for me (OK almost works).

I know I was having a bit of a grumble about weather as it continues to rain today, so far it has not stopped, but I did say yesterday was a sunny day the only sunny day so far this year. Yesterday was also the village Valentines Lunch where folk arrive on mass and devour huge quantities of beef and pork with all the trimming followed by large sticky and sweet puddings. The average age of the Valentines Lunch goers is about 95 and a bit, and they can seriously eat, us younger folk have to hide in a dark corner until they have polished off all the prime cuts of meat and have had a couple of helpings of Pavlova. Luckily there is always huge amounts of food so we all got plenty, We even got to take some pork home because we are slowly becoming part of the village gang where folk go about saying things like oooooo some nice logs up in the woods, we though we might go and help clear them so some poor old chap does not fall over. Then we all go and chain saw the entire wood down and say we did not see a thing officer, such is life in the country.

As it happens the woods are quite safe but I do have four nice wooden trestle table tops and will be helping to dispose of some other stuff soon.  Of course there is a so called pecking order,  it takes time to work your way up to getting any really good stuff, I have worked out I will be one hundred and three before I am offered any really cool stuff no one else wants in the village. Although most of the villagers are as bad at scavenging stuff as I am so it is rare to see anything and the last skip in the village was back in 1745 when the old Duke had a clear out, even then the skip was empty in two hours and by morning the skip had vanished. Mind you there are a couple of chaps in the village who do love a good bonfire and will run off with anything that will send one hundred foot flames high into the night sky, the rest of us shake our heads and always try and beat them to stuff so we can make the stuff into other stuff and then wonder what to do with the new stuff we have made.

This is not as good as I wrote first time around but no one likes having to do these things twice so I am sorry about that, I blame it on unseen forces such as Aliens or the like.



  1. I certainly don't think about what I'm writing as I write. I may be a monkey.
    Anytime someone writes or says "village" I can't help but think huts with straw roofs and all the women being referred to as "wenches."

    1. WOW you have been to our village that's cool . . . .. actually I think if someone (us chaps) called any of the women wenches they would be killed and super glued to a tree by their naughty bits just to sort of warn us other chaps that it is not a good idea. . . . . . . . . . .

      Never tangle with a gang of angry wenches........ HAH AH H HHAHH AH HA HAH HA HAH AH AH HA HA HAH HAha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ...OOOOooooo I better run. YICKS

  2. Good post. I swore I responded to it. But then I discovered I didn't. I believe it had something to do with bonfires. Or wenches. I am a fan of both.

    1. I do hope your like of both does not involve a burning torch and leading a crowd through the forest shouting. . . . . . . .Burn the Witch.....