Monday, 2 September 2013

The Voice of Reason in a Sea of Madness . . . . .

Sail the main brace
Ten men dancing on a dead man’s vest
Pieces of eight and a yo ho ho
Where’s the rum
Tie the scallywag to the mast

Aliens on the starboard bow captain
Drop anchor and full steam ahead
Blind Pugh be no friend of a pirate Captain HAR HAR
Give those tally ho British red coats a broad side
Hold her steady and we’ll ride out the storm HAR HAR HAR

That there sea be full of monsters, they be Partly Raving Loony Monsters HAR HAR
Vote for Rob HAR HAR HAR

You know it makes sence HAR HAR

 I know what you are thinking yes I have entered the world of politics . . .  RATs (The Radical Abstract Thinkers) is now an official political party.

The photograph for those of you not reading the cheap paperback diary bought to pass the time at Kings Cross station on special offer to boost sales, is your leaders (me) first official wave  . . . . . . . HAH HAHAH HHAHAH HHAHAHHA hah ah ha ha hah ah ha hah ah ha ha hah ahha hah hha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha  HAR AHR HAR Jim Lad. . . . 


  1. I have been searching for my blog on a Chinese search engine just out of curiosity and it appears I do not exist, which seems a bit odd.

    All I can say is that my small effort at creating world peace is not going well.... Still as they say . . . .

    Rome was not Built in the Hay..

    1. Was Rome plumbing sealed with Pb (lead) leading to mental decay?

      on another note of word math, Reason minus sea equals Ron.

      I figured my mileage. I didn't quite drive 3000 miles in 11 days, only 2998. It appears I got 17.3 miles per gallon of diesel. I noticed that the square root of 300 was close to 17.3, as I used 173 point something gallons of fuel. OUCH! Something was stabbing me in the gut, it was a key in an unfortunate position in my pocket near the top being wedged there by a Sony camera, so it was ever so remotely like a ninja attack, yet, so so veRy far that I was able to defeat it. That's right, you put me up against a camera with a microprocessor in it where the battery is dead, and you wiLL see that I can defeat a microprocessor in battle almost every time.

    2. As it happens using 173 gallons of diesel would cost you 1700 point something dollars if you had to pay the average price of diesel in the UK.

      Battery based life forms are not good in a battle situation although they are quite good at Charging . . . . . . . .HAH HAHAH HHAHAH HAH HAHHAHHAh ah hah ahah hah ah hah ha hah ah ha hah ah ah ahha ha hah ha hah aha

    3. Agree with hhahahahahahahaa - my diesel average price was $3.91 for 173.3 gallons, total fuel cost of $677.02 plus maybe about half a gallon of fuel injection liquid at approx $15-20. It didn't appear to use a significant motor oil during the trip. I did put on a brand new secondary oil filter immediately before the trip and those are $37 a piece and are designed to go 10,000 miles, so I used about a third of that 37, and I used about 4 quarts of oil during that exchange, so about 1 qt of expensive synthetic oil Shell Rotella T6 - about 5-7 dollars a quart. If I consumed 10% of my tires on the trip then thats about another 100 dollars. I was hoping to get new tires before any ice and snow so it looks like I am timing that about right. I did get a new windshield shortly before the trip so that probably gave me a slightly better view of the countyside vistas. Plus my cousin hauled me around South Dakota a few hundred miles as we went to a party by Wall and toured the Black Hills a couple days. We had the best pie and ice cream at a town called Custer when we went to see the Crazy Horse Monument.

    4. Fuel is cheaper in the USA but your cars are bigger and use more fuel per mile so I suspect our respective running cost probably work out about the same.

      It seems a bit ironic to end up going to a town called Custer to see a monument to an Indian chief, but I can see it sort of means they both get remembered.

    5. I think that the town Custer was a little ways south of the monument. There is also a state park right there with Custer's name on it. It has alot of buffalos. I thought I only knew one word in the Indian language Lakota, that is the word for buffalo. But as we drove by a small road labeled "Paha Sapa", I asked my cousin (both of us mainly Caucasians), "Isn't that the Lakota word for the 'Black Hills'?" and he said that it was. While in Custer I also learned the word for 'Men' on the restroom door. So now I know as many words, (three), in Lakota as my wife does in Kiswahili, only her words are for giraffe, journey and now I suddenly can't remember the third word. Oh, now I remember, the plant called 'okra'.

  2. Wait, if RATs is a political party, don't go assuming that you are the party leader just because you founded the whole thing. We need a leadership election!

    1. Politics? Oh, I thought it was something about ticks, the tiny dreaded animals. I am more in favor of outvading Syria than invading. It's probably just my non-Vikingness.

    2. AH DAMN Mr Addman, but this might explain why you are disguised as a pigeon on twitter . . . . .You like a good COO......

      HAHH HAHAH HAH HAh ha hah ah ha hah ah hah ah ha ha ha hah ah hhah ahhah ha hah ahahahah hah ahahah haha ha

      The Politics of Syria Mr ESB are indeed very complex, in fact so complex that no one can predict the outcome of any or no action that anyone takes..... Outvading in a non-Vikingness way may for now be the best thing to do, but no one knows. However this would not happen in a world of Micro Gods as we would all be friends and help each other....

    3. help and nice are good, yes. It doesn't appear that giving a person a bunch of power AND an unearned Nobel Peace Prize is such a good think.

    4. Hah! I got sidetracked again and forgot to teLL you how much I liked your oceanic blue picture of this blog post.

    5. Ah yes the picture will turn up again very soon in its finished form and all will be revealed........