Tuesday, 12 March 2013

The kitchen sink and a man called Chris

Today was sunny but very very cold. And no one got lost in a snow storm, and it was rather a jolly sunset, anyway enough on that subject for now.  Our good friend Chris the builder came to visit today, because there are certain jobs I am not allowed to do and that dad does not like doing, one of which is plumbing. OK I am allowed to leap into dark damp black holes and dig trenches that fill with water to stop Zombies attacking but not plumbing with real pipes and water and taps and stuff.

The first major problem was when Chris the builder asked where the stop tap was for the water . . . . . . . . .AH yes as it happens it is not something we had been told when we moved in, but luckily our neighbour who was sawing up wood for a Zombie defence fence did know where the tap was. It was under an ex-tree, when I say ex –tree I do not refer to some sort of exotic make of tree but to a tree that is no longer there, it is no wonder we did not find the tap that is no what we were expecting at all.  Then once various other taps were turned off the kitchen sink was ripped out and a new kitchen sink was hammered into place with a sledge hammer, it was a bit noisy but getting to the point super fast because I am a bit tired and need to switch off (like the taps were), we now have a new posh sink in the kitchen that has running water and that has taps that work like they should work. The old sink had issues, I guess as we did not fit it, the previous owner did it was sulking and would refuse to stop the water flow of hot water which would trickle away all day and make drip drip drip noises, like a mad clock.

OK I’m off for a break I will discuss the rest of the day on my return if I remember what I did and remember to return. . .  

I have returned but I am going to go again because I have just listened to the weather forecast on the BBC, well that was not very nice of them to say after one day of sun it will be rotten till the end of time, that is a bit extreme even for the BBC.

I think I need to work on Plan B . . . . Mmmmmmmm what I need are idea’s, cunning idea’s at that.  OK that’s it toast and mugs of Hot Chocolate will do for now.



  1. It was so windy yesterday Rob Z, that me, Toto, Aunty Em, Uncle Henry and the house, got whipped up into a huge whirlwind type thing and...I'm getting fiction and real life mixed up again, aren't I? :)

    1. I do think the two things are growing closer together all the time so it is easy to get mixed up. I am sure that although my diary follows life, life sometimes follows my diary....

  2. Yesterday was up and down here, sunny one minute, then snowing, then sunny again. It's supposed to stay sunny all day today, but I'll believe that when I see it.