Saturday, 30 March 2013

The Evolution of Fudge, Fish and other Critters

There is good and bad today, the good is that Miss I and Mr S called by with a chocolate bunny for us to eat, good for us bad for a chocolate bunny. At the time I was just about finished weeding part of the garden with a pickaxe; that might seem a bit extreme against the humble buttercup, but these are mutant buttercups and they eat all sorts of stuff from small fish to fudge and most things in-between. Interestingly genetically, if you look at the DNA of fish and Fudge you find that fish are higher up the evolutionary ladder than fudge and yet we are told that life started in the sea.  I asked the dog about this but he said “evolution is all a bit of a fudge” and then fell about in hysterics on the kitchen floor, I am assuming he might mean all life originated from fudge. It is certainly a thought to chew over next time you are in the sweetie shop.

Sorry what was I saying AH yes good and bad, the bad is the clocks in the UK all shift forward an hour tonight meaning I loose an hour in bed, I have looked in my bed for the missing hour many times but so far without any luck HAH HAHAHH HAH Hah ah hah ah hah ahhah hahh hah ah hah ahh ahah hahah  . . . . . . Mum just said IDIOT.

And it was sunny today but cold so I spent much of the day hiding clocks in what I am told is a futile effort to stop time. If only I had a pound for ever time someone has said that to me I would have about a pound (well 50p). HAH HAHHAH HAHH hah ahh ah hahahh hah hah DAMN mum has said IDIOT again……

OK that’s it for tonight I am off to chill and do stuff near a warm fire as it is chilly.



  1. The really sad news is that for the last three weeks, your zillions of adoring fans in Canada and the good ol' U.S. of A will now be one hour further away from your amazing self. Yep, it's been three whole weeks of them being one hour closer. Now look under your pillow, the 'time fairy' has hid that missing hour!

    Welcome to British Summer Time, or 'B.S. Time' as I affectionately call it.

    I'm outta' here>>>>>>>>>>

    1. As I type this I am stuck between time zones with half the clocks in the house knowing it was time to change and me and the others just confused and still operating on yesterdays time.

      If it brings on summer though I will be happy but does snow respond to being shown a clock, I fear not.

  2. I am at the diner tonight and reading this. I scrolled the page down until just the top half of the bunny was showing and tilted my head 45 degrees to the left, and I thought, 'that looks like E.T. the Extraterrestrial. I showed it to my waitress with lean head 45 instruction and I asked her if it looked like ET and she thought it did. WeLL she said that but I am not sure what she was thinking. Jesus isn't here or the owner, so there is a whole hole lot less chatting going on tonight. They are also eXtremely busy with a buncha customers, and I actuaLLy got a headache while sitting here, but aLL that stems most likely from dealing with police issue that my father-in-law got himself into. It involved goats, killer dogs coming back again and cops busting up his door while I think he might have broke the officers hand when he slammed his front door. I think they wanted to charge him with assault with an adoor-dedly weapon. But somehow (my wife) he isn't in jail. When we got there it looked kinda scary with a dozen cop cars and an ambulance, lights flashing like crazy. At least it didn't turn into a Ruby Ridge situation.

    1. Your story is turning into something I might write and after a couple of years of the School Mascot (the goat) being catapulted over the school it seems strange that life now brings you Goat Killer Dogs and an assault on the police with a door.

      However your tale is probably not one that would appeal to Steven S, I think it is more a Sam Peckinpah, (The Ghost of Sam Peckinpah). Ghost and Goat sort of sound and look similar....

      I hope it all gets resolved and the police get the dogs and sort it, but it sounds like it is a situation that will not be solved quickly.

    2. I heard this morning that my father-in-law had not been taking his gun outside (on his own property, which is legal here) but that he had a pipe as a weapon against a potential dog attack. The neighbors complained that he had a gun, and the police responded the NEXT day. So the cop asks to come into my FIL's house without a search warrant and my FIL has already told him he wasn't using a gun and he has asked the police to leave. The cop puts his hand in the doorway when my FIL is shutting the door. So then more cops show up and tear up the outside screen/glass door while trying to subdue my FIL. Oh, I forgot to mention why my FIL was forcefuLLy trying to shut the door: the cop was trying to taser him! So this elderly man who is fixing to have cardiac surgery on Wednesday is being attacked by a cop with no warrant and a taser. In this whole process it is my understanding that they never read him his rights, never formaLLy arrested or charged him with anything. The police started backing down after my wife got there and had her lawyer on the phone, and they found out my FIL was in the process of changing his cardiac medicine in preparation for the upcoming surgery, so they had him go home with my sister-in-law who lives in the same town a little ways north of here. But the cops entered his house and took his gun, which didn't seem very legal either, without his permission. I just hope his remaining goats make it through the process okay, as this story is aLL about protecting his herd.

    3. It sounds very complex, here in the UK very few people own guns anyway as they scare most folk. And British law is extremely tough regarding gun ownership.

      Most Goat owners and goats in the UK live in the hills on small holdings and have very quite placid lives, so I do hope the goats there manage to do so also.