Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Super-dooper all singing and dancing databases, ducks and cats

The Ghost Writer has been involved in technical things today involving his skills as an IT guru as he tried to keep the majority of folk in his office or should I say offices happy. This is not entirely easy at present with the looming arrival of the new super-dooper all singing and dancing national database. However the Ghost Writer is a cynical chap and as he says super-dooper all singing and dancing databases almost without fail, do in fact fail.  And towards the end of the day the Ghost Writer has learnt that the start date to actually start using the new super-dooper all singing and dancing national database has suddenly been moved back about a month due to a minor technical problem brought about by people actually using the thing.

As the IT teacher at school has learnt the last thing you want to do if you want to keep IT systems working normally is let normal people use them or as the IT teacher himself says “Never do IT with children and animals but if you must always choose ducks” apparently they do what they are told and using a beak to type with means they don’t accidently press three keys at the same time and cause an interesting side effect which us humans try to get rid of by pressing loads of things very fast in a semi-state of panic muttering about twenty five years of lost work. That reminds me I must back up my diary.

So what else has happened, the icicles have got longer I now think I am going to easily win this years longest icicle contest at the local village fete in August because by then they will be huge. In fact about this time of year there is an influx of entries but as the year progresses people drop out due to what they call thawing, it is a common disease in icicles but apparently the dog says that if we transfer the icicles to the cold frame in a couple of weeks they are sure to be OK………  

Oooooooo yes I must tell all that my good friend in the strange world of cyberspace over in a world called FB, Captain Nessman of the High Seas has just won a prestigious international award for his contribution to traditional Pirate techniques, I think he might get a huge sea chest of gold doubloons and a ceremonial super sharp cutlass HAR HAR HAR HARDY HAR HAR as the great man himself would say.

We have also had Traditional Easter Bread Cat Rolls with our evening meal, an old Easter tradition in Britain for thousands of years. It apparently is an Old Norse custom although back then the Tasty Traditional Easter Bread Cat Rolls did not include the words Traditional, Easter, Bread or Rolls just the words Tasty and Cats.  



  1. Oh I am loving those Tasty Traditional Easter Bread Cat Rolls. They look like the cat's meow...*coughs in embarrassment at such a poor joke*

    And what's this about the delightful Captain Nessman of the High Seas, winning a prestigious international award? If my fb page was working, I would congratulate him myself for his for his contribution to traditional Pirate techniques. :)

    1. I am sure Captain Nessman will not mind me copying his letter here that he has received, he is studying Chinese in Taipei city Taiwan.

      "Dear Paul,
      On behalf of the Center for International Education, we are pleased to inform you that you have been selected as a 2013-14 recipient of the Roberta and J. Martin Klotsche Scholarship in International and Global Studies.
      The Klotsche Scholarship was established by the late UWM Chancellor J. Martin Klotsche in memory of his wife, Roberta, and their enduring commitment to international education and peace.
      Your selection as a recipient of this scholarship serves as a great tribute to your scholarly achievements and your potential to make a significant contribution to international understanding in the future.
      Please accept our congratulations and best wishes!

      Academic Programs Coordinator
      Center for International Education
      University of WI-Milwaukee"

    2. Oh that's brilliant! Huge congratulations to the Captain. :)

  2. I veRy rarely use tasty and cats in the same sentence, but the only time I see cats they are wandering the neighborhood being where they shouldn't. I just noticed the near symmetry of
    "tasty cats at"
    so I need to work on a new mirror image sentence.

    1. You could maybe, not say level yes ton

      I would not say it either as it makes no sense