Saturday, 23 March 2013

Snow Dogs and Yeti's

As predicted today started with loads and loads of snow; in same ways we were quite lucky here because there was about 5-6 inches which was not too bad as it turned out because on the news there was talk of snow drifts up to 14 feet deep on the high ground up in the north of England. Anyway I ventured out into it to hunt for the yeti, which is a big critter but is also white making it tricky to find in a white environment. I set some traps which were baited with ice cream, which the dog insisted was the one food a yeti cant resist, I have to say I am very sceptical because yeti’s come from the Himalayas and I really cant believe it is possible for an ice cream van to get up into the snow to sell yeti’s ice cream. But the dog insists they have very good 4X4’s out in that part of the world.

Interestingly a couple of hours later when I checked the yeti traps there was no ice cream left, the dog said yeti’s are very clever which is why they are seldom seen and never caught, but I also noticed chocolate sauce on the dogs nose. The dog insisted that all the ice cream was covered in chocolate sauce as this was a yeti favourite (and the dogs), very suspicious indeed.

Anyway as the day progressed we sort of got bored waiting for the Yeti and made a huge snow dog to deter zombies and other things like man eating snowmen or ice fish. Unfortunately I  sort of ran out of time to finish the snow dog so it is unable to chase zombies but it does have glowing eyes so that should help a bit. And I unfortunately had to dig loads of paths for the cats who are not keen on snow, well not snow that is the same depth as they are high and they are rubbish at using a snow shovel.  Other things night have happened but I cant really remember, although I do recollect chasing a shrew this morning, it is not great weather for a shrew.



  1. Ah dude,

    Yeti oh Yeti, thank you for showing a photograph of your good self, Rob! If you're having problems clearing a pathway in the snow, I'll send over Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet superstar! Her snow-ploughing, using her nose, is a wonder to behold.

    Yeti's and ice cream, eh. Evidently, some of the Yetis lived in Italy. A Yeti that likes spaghetti. Anyway, I've forgotten what else I was going to tell you. Soon be good weather for the taming of the shrew.

    I'm outta' here >>>>>>>>>

    1. A Yeti spaghetti Western called a Fistful of Snow ploughs sounds like a good idea.

      As for good weather I fear it may be some time yet, the forecast is not good, so I may yet get the back end of a snow dog made tomorrow.

    2. So now I am laughing as I say, (in an Italiano accento) "get the Yeti in the spa some spaghetti" - and then I thought about how messy Yeti can be when eating, and changed it to "get the wet Yeti in the spa some spaghetti, yet spare the sauce, no matter the cost, because a sauce covered Yeti is easily spotted."

  2. So a scarecrow is for frightening off birds, so your snowdog is scareyeti, which has a scar, an eye, and a backwards it. Sounds spooky.

    We are getting a tiny bit of snow, on the veRy southern edge of a semi-blizzard. I am staying warm snuggled up to Cooper. We had chicken quesadillas together. Before that he had Vienna sausage, neither which are covered under the Arduino meal selector research project. I did fix my display problem on the Arduino, so now it doesn't spradicaLLy crash. I had a wire connected wrong. I made a little PacMan type screensaver today.

    1. You might end up with an alternative dog based computer language with Barks, Bites, and Wags. And key commands like wait, sit, fetch and the one all dogcode users fear the Play Dead Screen where the special Retrieve code is needed.

    2. Decoded:
      Laughter in mouth

      I am thinking that maybe : might have worked for shoes or feet


      One ha the 2nd time because it wasn't as fuNNy, maybe.

  3. The glowing eyes are reaLLy cool.

    1. Tee lights and two bits of A4 paper cut to a curvy oblong shape, I'm sure there must be an official shape for that. Interestingly I left them alight after I took the photo and I noticed this morning one of them has melted is way down about 12 inches into the dogs head. Maybe I should make snow lanterns in the garden for tonight that would make a cool picture.

    2. I noticed a veRy smaLL amount of snow in the shadows on the north side of my fence today. I was going to throw a tiny snow baLL at my wife but she was making lunch, and might have refused me food.

      Does the body of the snow dog glow in the low now?

    3. It would be nice to have a glowing body maybe if I pored the contents of a glow stick on it.

      Thats the snow dog not me by the way, I dont want a glowing body

    4. Inow realize after getting more sleep that I should have wrote my sentence:
      "Does the body of the snow dog glow in the below now?"

      I must go, the wife is home ....

  4. We didn't get much snow here, as usual. I'd love to make a snow man (or dog) but we never get enough. Oh well, maybe next year - I just want it to get warm now!

    1. I would much prefer it warm but as a part time eccentric artist sort of chap, snow is brilliant stuff to make things with in a sort of throw it together random sort of way. So the call of outside is great, until I get cold and wet and run back inside again.