Monday, 25 March 2013

Singing and fighting at the same time is impossible.

The snow lingers still and is going nowhere I really should be out making more things while it is about, but it is getting a crusty surface a result of the sun melting it slightly and then it all refreezing. So making stuff is tricky.

We also had a visit from Miss Tiggy and Mr Chris who came to chat, look at the sun and have a bite to eat, it is after all what us humans do best well that and fighting, but none of us really fancied fighting, we are not really fighting people. Mr Chris is a singer and it is very difficult to sing and fight at the same time; I think this may be to do with the brain as I suspect that the two things use different parts of the brain, and as a chap I can testify that doing two things at the same time is hard enough without trying to use two different parts of the brain at the same time.

This does make you think that maybe in parts of the world that rely on international peacekeeping forces, rather than arm them to the teeth with scary things it would make far more sense to teach them to sing bright and cheery songs and smile loads……

At school Esmeralda has sort of gone a bit erratic; it is not entirely her fault because when you are a part bionic person and rely on steam powered parts in this weather, antifreeze is rather useful to keep the bionic parts working. However no one informed Esmeralda that adding the antifreeze to the bionic parts did not involve drinking it, luckily she is made of strong stuff (The Esmeralda parts of Esmeralda not the bionic parts, although they are too), but it is not like Esmeralda to tell everyone “YOU ARE MY BEST MATE YOU ARE” and smile and enjoy maths.

If you are new to my diary and are wondering why Esmeralda is bionic and has loads of missing parts it is because she was partly eaten by the school goat some time back.

Oooooo yes two other things before I go, apparently the postman said he did not see the snow dog until he was reversing and suddenly noticed a huge dog staring at him in his wing mirror which was a bit of a shock. And secondly the birds are starting to eat more and more food and have been plotting ways of raiding the kitchen, I have heard rumour that one of the robins knows a duck who knows a puffin who knows a rabbit.



  1. My father-in-law lost a large portion of his goat to an attack by a pit bull dog. I think it was about 10 days ago. The police are investigating, as he has been reaLLy good at making enemies over the last couple of years. Too bad that maybe his goats suffered needlessly. Steven S could make a movie about him.

    1. We have a very sad story on the news tonight in the UK of a fourteen year old girl killed in a house by four or five dogs.

      Killing someone's goats in revenge is sick regardless of the reasons. I think that might be a bit gory for Mr Steven S, I really think a happy tale of a mild eccentric has more box office appeal.

    2. I agree totally. I didn't like my father-in-law having so many goats because he really doesn't have enough money to support his large herd's food bill, but stiLL that was a terrible way for the animals to die, saddened me. The few goats that survived the attack unscathed were the ones that sleep in the section with my father-in-laws dogs, so maybe his dogs protected their goat friends(?). I had not heard that particular news item, sad.