Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Man Flu . . . . . . . DAMN

Damn it the bug (Man Flu) has got hold of my mind so I am abandoning my daily diary entry for today something I do not do lightly, I say that because I had started it in stone and using a nice sharp chisel and a proper stonemasons hammer. I thought it might improve my typing as I get time to think between letters although the spell checker does not appear to work and errors are a problem..

But the brain is flagging now as the evening draws on so I am going to go to bed and play Zombie, OK I am going to lie on the bed and go AAAaauuuuuuuuuggggghhhhHHHH a bit. Before I go I should say that on the subject of Zombies Sooty the Cat arrived back earlier covered in mud from head to tail AGAIN and rather scared so he looked like a zombie cat that had seen a zombie. If he keeps using lives up this fast he might end up as a Zombie

Good night all



  1. I am sorry that you were not able to write anything today, even though you used 173 words to do it in. I hope you are feeling better as I need you to balance out the positive negative of the universe as I am having a rough day and I need you to be able to tip the balance back in the correct direction if possible, comma, but if not we wiLL just have to have the universe become just aLL, I dunno, ick, I guess.

    1. I am trying to keep going, although I am only moving about in a slow way as the brain can only think in a slow way. So moving faster than the speed of thought might be dangerous. I am not sure what the speed of thought is. It might be like the speed of dark, particularly at present.

      I will try and keep the universe in a state of balance if I can, but its a big responsibility for a chap with a scrambled mind. I do hope your days gently return to the state that they should be. I will think positive thoughts, it may not be a lot but if they are right at the balancing point of the universe then they might just work...

  2. Aww Rob Z, no stupid comments from me as per usual, just a hope that you get plenty of rest and feel much better soon. The blogosphere depends on you.

    1. I am still about Miss Lily, just about holding my own in a just about sort of way.

      As it happens I have been asked by Mr ESB in the comment above your one to keep the balance of the universe, and I have promised to do my best........

      So I will also promise to do my bit in the Blogoshere Miss Lily, after all once I have saved the Universe it should all be down hill sailing after that...

      Can you do down hill sailing..... Have I got that a bit wrong?

  3. I think you may have caught it off me. I had the sniffles coupled with a chesty cough which I still have. It could very well have travelled down the A5 and turned right, evolving as it went and tuning into man flu.
    If it is mine I don't want it back. you can pass it on to somebody more deserving.
    If it's not mine then I still don't want it.
    Get well soon Mr Rob.