Sunday, 28 October 2012

Running through the piles of leaves, Fairy Lights and British Winter Time

Today is Sunday and in the old tradition of a Sunday fairly chilled and peaceful, OK chilled and peaceful here, there are many places that are not.

I have not done a great deal today mainly sweep leaves as the leaves in Britain are falling off the trees on mass at present and if they are not swept up will cause chaos. If you live in other parts of the world you will be thinking leaves cause chaos surely not, but only a couple of years ago the entire rail system was grounded by leaves, although as British Rail pointed out at the time they were the wrong sort of leaves. We have the wrong sort of leaves in our garden because they only appear to fall in the wrong places so I was dispatched to sweep them into tidy piles and deposit them in the recycle bin. Luckily I did not suffer one of the great problems of sweeping leaves into piles, the one that all sweepers hate. This is passers by running through the piles of leaves kicking them into the air in a jolly happy way. This impulsive almost subconscious act is something from deep in the mind when we were very little and insisted and knocking down the brick tower that an adult spent many painful hours building for you. The pile of leaves is a sort of flash back and everyone just has to knock the pile down again, of course the consequences are very different, in one the brick tower is rebuilt with a begrudging smile in the other you are chased by a mad screaming man waving a bristle yard brush at you while you try to loose him in the shopping centre at the perimeter of the park.

OK enough about sweeping leaves up, there is only so much any man can write about sweeping leaves up while still making it interesting and I think I may have passed that point some time ago. Although I will add what was really annoying is I would sweep up all the leaves then look back to admire my handy work only to discover a load of new leaves had fallen out of the trees so everything was covered in leaves again.

I have also put up a few more fairy lights at the front of the house today,  I have always said you cant have too many fairy lights although it might just be that we now have so many plug in fairy lights connected that the solar fairy lights will just think it is day time all the time, even in the middle of the night so never come on.

OK that is about it for today I need to try and get my body adjusted to the fact all the clocks were themselves adjusted last night so what was 6.00pm yesterday has become 5.00pm today (I think) resulting in a lighter start to the day but a very dark end to it. In principle its fine only my body hates all this and I get well confused. And tomorrow we are off to IKEA and it is not a place to go to in a state of confusion, what with the one way system round its cunning rabbit warren of stuff, subconsciously making you buy things you never need, and instilling an urge to run through the huge pile of cushions, kicking them into the air and laughing hysterically.


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  1. I am knot sure what a solar fairy light is, but I think I know what a solar flare-y light is. I have been aWay some, though certainly knot to the center of the earth like some people.