Friday, 19 October 2012

Heavy Harry the Cat and the efficient and concise diary entry

I will keep things short and to the point tonight in an effort to be efficient and concise because I can feel this is what the punters want, not my more rambling style of writing that I prefer. But is OK if this is what you all want then its OK with me I will not sulk and run in a small circle in the kitchen shouting bacon and eggs bacon and eggs oooooo look a sea lion for at least half an hour while wearing a rain coat.

Anyway enough . . . . .  I will get to the main points of the day.

1 Heavy Harry the Cat has been to the vet and had three jabs although the vet said he appeared normal (Heavy Harry the Cat, Normal?). Heavy Harry the Cat was not happy.

2 School also appeared to be normal today although Esmeralda’s new steam powered interchangeable cross bow attachment has been banned by the headmaster. Esmeralda insisted she was aiming for the goat and if it had not ducked then Mr Evans would not have bled all over the new staff room carpets.

3 Getting Nitro-glycerine and Nitrogen phosphate the wrong way round is not good in the school garden. It was a rubbish potting shed anyway.

4 There was a seriously cool looking sky tonight although the dog insists it is in fact the glow from the fire of the potting shed in the school garden, and it was the headmasters own fault parking his car next to it. Picture included of the sky (not on the best selling paperback edition)

5 I deny everything it was someone else.

 I am not sure if you are all aware of my other blog the one called The Sky from the Earth where from time to time I add a few pictures of the sky from our garden. I will add a link so that if you so desire you can have a look. Please note if you are reading the best selling paperback then this link will not work very well. However once you have finished reading it you can set fire to it to re-enact the burning down of the potting shed although you will need some Nitro-glycerine in order to truly recreate the event.

OK that’s it that is the lot I have finished my new efficient diary entry so I can go now and race worms in the local worm racing event to see whose worm will represent the county in the big race 


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  1. My sandwich this morning was eggs, bacon, and cheese on wheat bun with mustard. Plus someone else cooked it for me.