Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Halloween floods and the Steam Powered Hydraulically Controlled Tyrannosaurus Rex.

There is much despondency on the east coast of the United States as many of the cities and towns are flooded by Hurricane Sandy, surely they could have found a better name for one of the largest hurricanes in recent history than Sandy it lacks a degree of street cred to say the least.  Still in all the gloom and doom we must try and look for small sparks of light within it all, like the stock market opening up in time for Halloween so all those scary bankers will be back making money  . . . . . . .PHEW thank god for that.

And the Trick or Treaters are going to look really good this year as they wade up to your house and splash on your front door, with water mud and slime falling off their little bodies in the blackness of the power cut. I can see that the man eating squid suit will be very popular this year in that part of the world. As it happens I am off tomorrow to advise on matters of scary things for Halloween as I have often been told I am a ******* curse and to go away, something that will no doubt be a bit of an anthem with many folk tomorrow.

It has been a fairly pleasant day here so I have spent much of it pondering the best way to make the most of a nice day, I did consider several options and sort of got it down to a choice of two Option A, and Option B, both of which required a decent amount of time and after much thought I opted for Option C, because I no longer had enough time for Options A or B. Option C was a choice of either Option D, or Option E, or possibly Option F, although Option F would need the full co-operation of at least two people a ferret and I would need to find the Grimble Spin from book one. As it turned out just as I was finalizing things it was time to eat, so that completely confused me. As a final resort I said to mum as one does during the school holidays I’M BORED but she hit he over the head with the Armadillo Toaster from book one and book two I think.

It was at this point I that is suddenly dawned on me; not only have I not done a great deal today but I have also not said what I did do in my diary in the end which was ********** all anyway.

I am sure we still have the life size  Steam powered hydraulically controlled Tyrannosaurus Rex somewhere at the back of the garage maybe I could use that tomorrow to scare the vicar……. 



  1. GeologicaLLy speaking 'sandy' lowercase might be a good name, as sand is a form of a larger destroyed rock. The name Sandy doesn't bring up too much fear for me, as that is the name of the lady who runs the diner that I frequent, the one where James and Jesus work, and ....um.... makes a great GriLLed Chicken Sand (there it is again) wich with Bacon. It has been several days since I have been there due to certain circumstances beyond my control, so I must return there soon before they forget me and thrw out my bottle of BBQ sauce!

    1. Hurricane Sandy is an act of god, so it only seems fitting that in the strange world of cyberspace where we know Sandy employs Jesus, we are able to say

      God is an act of Sandy

      I think they will keep you bottle of BBQ sauce safe for you Mr ESB.

  2. You are right, Sandy lacks gravitas as a name. It should be Hurricane Doomlord or something.