Monday, 1 October 2012

A Journey to the Centre of the Earth, a field trip

The geography teacher (the mad professor) is planning a trip at the end of the week for everyone in my year, it will take some time, and we will all be completely out of contact with the rest of the world for a while. Most of the pupils do not want to go but there are two school trips the first a skiing trip in the Swiss Alps which costs three thousand and twenty eight pound.  The second school trip the geography teachers is a Journey to the Centre of the Earth and costs thirty seven pound and eight pence; so all the parents have opted for the geography teacher’s trip. I think the headmaster was a little surprised but after a survey of reasons it appears that the main reason for parents choosing this option was that all children are spoilt brats, and we are in a recession . . . . .NOT FAIR. As it happens I am rather pleased I am on the second option it sounds far more exciting than being stuck on a mountain covered in snow.

Today we did a field trip to a field, but not just any field it is the field next to my house where the cows are tunnelling. Apparently the cows have opened up a route into a labyrinth of caves which the geography teacher is convinced will lead us all the way to the centre of the earth which he hopes to claim for Great Britain.

It was a very promising field trip because the teacher, Professor Von Hardwigg has long believed that life exists below he surface he says because it is rather warm (we have been warned to wear summer clothing) this life may have an almost crusty skin that might look similar to the bark of a tree.  So we were amazed to see as we approached the tunnel entrance a creature that fitted the teachers (Professor Von Hardwigg) description almost perfectly watching us from behind a hedge (no the creature does not look like the teacher).  We tried to follow the creature but it ran off past the cows and down the tunnel. We were not allowed to follow because starting at the end of the week we will be heading off down into the huge labyrinth of caves and tunnels for several days and the teacher says it would not be advisable to disturb them early.   Professor Von Hardwigg the teacher says if it all goes to plan it will make a great film and he will finally get his Nobel Prize for science rather than the science world pointing and sniggering at him, sadly the science world can be a bit like that…..

Anyway you have been warned I will be out of contact travelling towards the centre of the world at the end of the week.




  1. I ... vviLL .... you

    Oh, I messed up in my emotional state and missed putting the vvord 'miss' in the third spot, so here goes another try:

    I ... vviLL .... miss .. you

    Do be safe. Be sure to listen to some Chinese before you go, just in case you come out on the other side of the vvorld, then you vviLL knovv you are in China. If it doesn't sound like that you vviLL knovv you are in NonChina.

    1. I will be heading down into the abyss, first thing Friday morning apparently we should reach the Centre of the earth in about five days or so then we need to return. so that is maybe ten days. Then there will be fighting monsters that can take some time. But I will return I still have over half a million words to write to meet my goal of one million words.

      I am not worried about Chinese at present, I have a very good friend in the wondrous world of Facebook who is in china at present learning Chinese. My good friend Captain Nessman of the High Seas, so if I meet him on my return I have taken a wrong turn or not turned enough.

      Blackpool rock has Blackpool written through its entire length so I am interested to find out if the Earth has Earth written through its rocks like Blackpool does.

    2. A much easier way to get to the center of the Earth is to come to Texas. There is a smaLL town named Earth about 3 hours journey by car. It is southwest of Amarillo. I believe I went there about forty years ago when our town played footbaLL. The population is 1,069 and it is located in Lamb County. Do not confuse it with another county in Texas caLLed Erath. I realized just now that the letters of Earth could be rearranged to speLL Hater.