Tuesday, 20 September 2011

The Princess and the Peat. Cute Steam Powered Ferrets and The Pit of Doom

More time tonight to write, sorry last night was all very stressful; too much to do in a limited time.

Today has been very grey, so not only has the ghost writer endured the curse of the grey office so has everyone else, even if we were not in offices, but alas it is the time of year. The only good is that discussing the weather is a great British tradition and so we were all saying oooooo its very grey and damp.

One thing that has resulted as a result of the damp grey day is that the Thirty Foot Steam Powered Alien Robot has returned home this evening. It does not like living in the woods in the damp with the autumn leaves falling on him and the occasional rambler screaming and badgers nibbling his cables in the evening. And he has a family of young Ferrets to look after now after accidently becoming pregnant in the school playground when Rogers Ferret sort of attacked it. I did try to ask mum and dad now a male Thirty Foot Steam Powered Alien Robot could end up having a litter a Steam Powered Ferrets but they said DONT ASK.

Anyway it has set up home in the Pit of Doom at the end of the garden with the Grumbling Child in it. Ironically he has not grumbled (the child not the Robot) and thinks the baby Steam Powered Ferrets are very cute, well it just goes to show you can never judge people from their appearance. We might leave them behind when we move house as dad says they appear to all be very happy down in the Pit of Doom and the new people will never notice the huge scary Pit of Doom. Mum said IDIOT, I tend to agree with that I think they might notice the hole and the big sign saying BEWARE THE PIT of DOOM and a family of Stream Powered Ferrets, a Thirty Foot Steam Powered Alien Robot with a death ray and a Grumbling Child.

Talking of Grumbling children in the gymnasium this afternoon during the Physical Education lesson Esmeralda stacked all four hundred safety mats in a pile and stuck a large bag of Peat under it and said that she was unable to sleep on it because of the lumps and was obviously a princess. The teacher was going to tell her that it was not a bag of peat but should be a pea but after the incident with the Physics teacher we all thought if best to just agree with her; after all you can grow peas in a bag of peat so she is sort of right.

As it happens Roger and his ferret missed the school bus home tonight because they fell asleep on the pile of four hundred safety mats so I have learnt today that neither Roger or his Ferret are Princesses. And that it is a bad move to let Esmeralda knight you even in a pretend re-enactment of Kind Arthur of the Round Table with a sharp heavy poker in the school playground. 

Just in case anyone is wondering I made the poker in metalwork.

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