Thursday, 8 September 2011

Miss Svetlana Marisova

The world can be a sad place as we all know, and yesterday Miss Svetlana died. She was the person who had the Masked Ball on the well know Internet Social Network which led to me becoming a real person. Well as real as it is possible to be in cyberspace. The Ghost Writer joined the strange world of Internet Social Networks not long after Miss Svetlana and they would exchange banter.

She was also a good friend of Captain Nessman and also Miss Elaine and was following my tale of life and the universe quietly, and had recently joined my very small band of loyal followers on the blog. She had been ill for a while I think; and was aware I’m sure of her fate, but her faith in a life beyond the physical was very strong, and I suspect she will be watching somewhere. The universe is a complex place and all our life’s are but a tiny flicker of light in the great master plan; after all the universe is reckoned to be 13.75 billion years old and that is a long time, so we can all but hope our souls go on to fulfill some greater dream.  Anyway I feel it is right just to say goodbye tonight to Miss Svetlana Marisova from all in my world as without her we probably would not exist, and leave my tale until tomorrow.  

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