Saturday, 17 September 2011

Ken, Judas Priest, the Washing Machine, Lemmings and Baby Ferrets

A member of the Ghost Writer’s family called in to see him this morning as he was having breakfast with us, and they were telling us they had been off playing golf with Ken from the band Judas Priest.  Now that is all very well but this is Judas Priest we are talking about, WHAT one of then is called Ken and designs Golf courses that’s not right I’m sure.

Anyway just to prove the world is a strange place Miss Fionaski had her old washing machine stolen from her garden last night, although they did not take anything else and where very good and closed the gate after they left. The dog thinks the two things might be connected and thinks that if it gets out that Judas Priest play golf and live in posh houses in Shropshire and not the fiery darkened dungeons of Napoleons Beelzebub’s Very Strange Victorian Curiosity Shop then Album sales might suffer. So in a desperate attempt at street cred they sneaked into Miss Fionaski’s garden and ran off with her old Washing Machine. I can see that all that leaping about on stage would make you very sweaty and a washing machine is something you might need. But Mum has said IDIOTS so I take it from mum that she does not agree.

There is a posh wedding in the square tonight I can tell because there is a posh dress code that people wear to weddings that they don’t wear to anything else. Mum and dad are not going because dad said he is making a new steam powered exercise machine to help exercise the Lemmings in the woods. It has a nice round glass door and a big drum that spins so that they can run in it to keep dry and not fall over cliffs (not as in Cliff Richard but as in AAAUuuuuuuuugh splat). Me and Mum think it looks just like an old washing machine but dad insists it is not and never has been a washing machine ever, and was not left in a garden down the road. Mum has thrown the Armadillo toaster at dad now ??????

Ooooo one final little thing on the way home in the car with dad (it’s a long story and if I wrote everything I would go mad) I saw a sign saying Ferrets For Sale near the woods. Well that might just mean dads malfunctioning Thirty Foot Steam Powered Alien Robot has had the baby ferrets now …….. WELL COOL…

Captain Nessman of the High Seas                          The world is indeed a strange place. I was only, just a few minutes ago, listening to 'Sad Wings of Destiny'. This has always been one of my favorite albums, I mean 8-tracks, I mean CD's. Actually, the first time that I heard it was on my Mom and Dad's 8-track player back in 1981. I saw Judas Priest live in concert on their 'Screaming for Vengeance' tour in 1983 or 84 in Green Bay, Wisconsin. It was an awesome signs of golf clubs though. Rob Halford rode out onto the stage on his Harley Davidson signs of old washing machines either...Hmmmmmm...

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