Wednesday, 7 September 2011

the Jimi Hendrix of Djembe, the cat that does Yoga and Maths YUCK

OK it is one of those days busy busy busy as always school was full of lessons like Math’s, English, Geography, History, Yoga, Chemistry, Art and Safe Cracking although we only do safe cracking when the headmaster has forgotten the combination to the safe and we are the only class that does it because apparently we have the appropriate parents and as it happens are rather good at it.

Miss El jr appears to have not had a good return to school this year and I note she has commented that all her lessons although it may be mainly Math’s are ************** or ********* the dog said it strange that so many humans hate math’s when him a simple Latin speaking dog who uses computers, and designs complex electro-mechanical devices, and ponders time and space; does. He then went on to say that in Latin Miss El’s comment would be  ************** ***** ******* *********** ** or ************ *********** ************* ** ****** ** ********** which is why swearing in Latin has never really taken off in Britain much.   

I am off to drum tonight and make lots of noise and wave my arms about. Not everyone does that but I do more that most (arm waving) it is what they do in the very darkest and thickest un-spoilt recesses of the jungle where the neon lights of modern western society has not reached and tainted the natural process of nature and freestyle Djembe drumming. Although I must admit I have a plan to add feedback and allsorts of effects to my drumming and become the Jimi Hendrix of Djembe  

While on the subject of yoga Sooty the Cat can do yoga although he meeeooooowwwwssss all the time if if he is doing yoga or not Heavy Harry and the dog are planning to remove his Meeeeeoooooowwwwww and turn it into Violin strings.

Ok that’s it tonight I am going to go and feed Sooty the Cat now because he is going MMMMmmmmmmmmmemeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeoowwww a lot Grrrrrrrrrraa 

Elaine Kerley         Good one Rob!

Fiona Knight Mission Abort! Obviously Sooty has let it slip the intensive secret training I showed him yesterday. We were working on the power of how to open a tin of cat food without the use of an opener or teeth. It was decided after a short meditation that if a high pitch note can shatter a glass then a constant meow has the power of a million oms, enough to get the tin of cat food open all by itself.

I will save these comments for the new book; the blockbuster sequel to the as yet unpublished blockbuster book. I would also like to welcome back my very good friend Captain Nessman whose place in the great master plan of mice and men continues to grow along with his own faith in the future adventures of his pirate ship and talented crew. HAR HAR

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