Thursday, 29 September 2011

the GM Free Zone, Bob’s genetically modified cockroach chutney and Fake Rolex's

It has been the hottest day of the year so far I think. That is not meant to happen at the end of September in the northern hemisphere it should be autumn and getting cold. It is very confusing for the Crows and Rooks only a week ago they were circling in the evening and starting to sing their winter song.  

The dog and dad spent the day sun bathing in the sun while Captain Flint the Parrot was outside telling the Rooks that their sun dials were running fast due to the fact Einstein was wrong so its only July and not the end of September.  The Owls are still hooting but then Owls can’t use a sun dial anyway because its dark, they have to rely on Rolex’s, otherwise they don’t have a clue about time. The dog says they prefer to have a Rolex over other makes of watch such as Casio or Timex as they are more reliable.

I have sometimes heard Owls in the day but this according to the dog is because they have fake Rolex’s made in China and these may look flash but they just don’t work correctly and are as he put it  ******** RUBBISH.

At school today we tried to create a fifteen foot long genetically modified worm in Biology but we didn’t have enough DNA to finish the experiment so Esmeralda added a bit of yeast and flour to the mix. We thought is best just to nod our heads and agree it was a good idea. The result was that we ended up with fifteen foot long worm flavoured bagels, they were OK as it happens and we ate them on the bus coming home, with mature cheddar cheese and Bob’s genetically modified cockroach chutney.

The headmaster has sent everyone home with an official letter from the School Governors that the school as from tomorrow will be an officially GM free zone. Bob did warn the Biology teacher that letting Esmeralda make the School Governors their lunch was not a good move and it would all end in tears. As it happened it all ended in a trip to Hospital to have their stomachs pumped out, and the headmaster told us when he got back from visiting the School Governors. It is the first time that they have had anyone whose stomach has been pumped out and then the object has slithered away into the car park. Apparently too much screaming and Mass Hysteria.  Mum said IDIOTS 

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