Tuesday, 6 September 2011

the Feral Underclass, arrogant capitalist millionaires, ferrets and the thirty foot Alien

I was listening to the radio and I thought I heard a man talking about all the trouble caused by Ferrets under the class. So when I got to school I asked one of my mates in our class and he said he thought he heard something about Ferrets too. So we decided we should investigate whether or not there were Ferrets under the class and if so what sort of trouble they were causing. 

It is not easy to get under the class at school, for some reason best know to who ever designed it they seem to have made it extremely difficult to get under the floors of any of the class rooms. It involved a large pick axe and the removal of a section of reinforced concrete wall and the pupils from last years tunnel committee, who also helped with the ferret hunt

We all spent ages under the floors of the school class rooms and used large sticks and things to make as much noise as possible but we never found any ferrets and then later in the day the headmaster told us that huge rats had been heard banging about under some of the classes. That was odd because none of us that were under the class saw huge anything’s and the only noise we heard was us.

Then when I got home I heard someone on the news talking about Ferrets under the class again and saying something must be done. I told mum that there are no ferrets under the class but she said IDIOT and said it was The Feral Underclass that some decadent capitalist millionaire said was causing all the trouble not ferrets. The dog did say as a result of some quick thinking and opportunism the Ferrets are now able to watch 324 digital television channels on a 48inch Plasma television thanks to the distractions of the Feral Underclass during the riots.

Dad recons decadent arrogant capitalist millionaires are the last people who should be calling the underclass feral as they live a privileged lifestyle and know nothing of the so called underclass other than they would rather not see them. Although dad did agree that some of the underclass as not exactly nice people and disenfranchised from society but then some are nice people and still disenfranchised from society.

And mum and dad are convinced that all this stuff with MI6, being implicated in the torture of people in Lybia will be swept quietly under the table. I am not sure whose table I just hope it’s not ours because the dog chills out under there. And that using mindless violence to fight mindless violence leads to eventual destruction of Society. Much like the thirty foot Steam Powered Alien that dad has completed and which is in the woods out of control shouting exterminate all Humans and Take me to your leaders. It’s a long story and you need to read book one. Dad says he plans to deign he made it now just in case it wonders into town. and he says adding the death ray was probably a bad move.

I was told not to do politics and I have failed at day two……AH     

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