Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Esmeralda and the mathematical principles of levers. Startrek and crispy seaweed

The school teachers were all hugging the bronze bust of Samuel Taylor Coleridge this morning and giving him a kiss, really teachers are a funny lot but us pupils put it down to stress. Although we do our best to try and distract them from the stress of school work but it does not seem to help much.  Still they did all start the day very relaxed and calm.

One of the more fashion conscience girls in our glass (Esmeralda) was telling the Physics teacher that Physics was now the new Black; the Physics teacher was rather pleased at first until the Esmeralda tried to prove this. However it was only a minor set back and the fire brigade soon got things under control, but there is no denying that the physics class is the new black.

Although it is tempting to say so the one thing you must never say to Esmeralda when you ask her; her name is I had a hunch it might be that because the physics teacher did that last week and now look, and Bob from class 12E did the same thing a few weeks ago and it took several days to un-superglue his head from the radiator. I did tell Esmeralda we could put Plaster of Paris on Bob’s head but she just snarled a bit. Some girls have no sense of humour, but apparently that’s because they have to communicate with boys and dogs or so they say (the Girls).

We had lunch out in town today as the fire brigade were busy breaking down the school canteen doors unaware that it not unusual for the cooks to add a bit of petrol to the chip fat to flambĂ© the chips as it looks good. As it happens we were able to watch a classic piece of physics in action in the cafĂ© and as the Physics teacher was with us, so he was able to explain it all. 

If you have a tray full of plates, teapots, cake, soup, and cups of tea half on and off a table so it is balanced, it is not a good idea to start unloading the tray from the side that is on the table. Because as the teacher said we can apply the mathematical principle of levers;  Mathematically expressed by M = Fd, where F is the force, d is the perpendicular distance between the force and the fulcrum, and M is the turning force known as the moment or torque. And in this case the force F is gravity. Anyway as the teacher was explaining this, the tray flipped onto the floor and he shouted YES AS predicted.  The teapot and cups broke and the cakes catapulted over a little old lady who demanded a doggy bag to take them home. However the Physics teacher did not predict that he would be hit over the head with a tray by the man whose tray fell off the table. Esmeralda predicted that would happen; but then it was her dad whose tray fell on the floor and she did shout HIT HIM DAD.

I have just learnt crispy seaweed is made of cabbage and not seaweed that was a surprise so what with one thing and another I have learnt quite a lot today. The dog said tu ne cede malis sed contra audentior ito the dog says that they said that in Startrek a lot but the dog thinks Captain Kirk could speak Latin and sing. IDIOT

Apparently Mum thinks Marks & Spencer’s don’t like vegetarians so that’s something else I have learnt today. WELL COOL

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